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Comprehensively trained filmmaker & photographer Jonas Navickas was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, the son of Lithuanian immigrants. He studied Art History & Film at Boston College, then Cinematography and Directing at The Los Angeles Film School.

Navickas has worked on seventeen successful feature films to date, most recently serving as Director of Photography on the musical/visual tour de force, THE GOLDEN AGE. He was also 2nd Unit Director on the feature film ISLE OF DOGS, an official selection of London's Film4 Frightfest, and grand prize winner at Shriekfest 2011 in Hollywood. His work on short form motion pictures has also been showcased Worldwide: at The New York City Horror Film Festival (as Director), at The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (as DP), and at the Venice Art Biennale (as DIT).

A self-professed camera geek, Navickas thrives on pushing the limits of the visual image through both art and technology. He cut his teeth in the camera department of one of the first feature films ever shot in HD, as well as serving as DIT for one of the earliest features ever lensed with the revolutionary RED ONE 4K Digital Cinema camera.

Navickas currently resides in the artistically-inclined Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. He can be found there on any given day, framing a shot alongside his camera, carefully perched upon on a scenic hilltop.

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  • Terrence Malick, David Lynch, Ron Fricke, Werner Herzog.

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