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John-John Traoré is a Canadian filmmaker born in France. He was introduced to visual effects in 2002 under the supervision of François Brigouleix at Télétota (Éclair Laboratoires' branch) in the outskirts of Paris.

In 2004, John-John arrived in Montreal with few bags and zero contact. Nevertheless, he found a job within two weeks as a junior Autodesk Flame artist.
Shortly after he got a chance to work on his first feature film; C.R.A.Z.Y. (directed by Jean-Marc Vallée).

Adventurous, John-John moved to Toronto in 2007 where he worked on telephone, bank, and toilet paper commercials. Shortly after, he decided to orientate his career toward cinema and worked as an image compositor on Eastern Promises (directed by David Cronenberg) and Lust Caution (directed by Ang Lee).

In 2012, John-John landed in Vancouver with the firm intention to make movies, and learned the craft of directing actors under the mentorship of Matthew Harrison.
“The main focus is to bring characters to life via psychologic realism”.

In 2015, John-John shot his first short film Sublimate for which he received the “First Time Filmmaker Royal Reel Award” at the Canadian International Film Festival.

After 15 years of experience in visual effects (Thor, Fury, Game of Thrones...),
John-John steps again into the creative world to write his new film
Magnetic Midnight.

Inspired by…

  • Sydney Lumet, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jacques Audiard, Luc Besson...

Favorite Genres

  • Drama, Sci-Fi...

Favorite Films

  • There will be blood, Children of men, Dog day afternoon, Magnolia, Un prophet, Welcome to Gattaca, Requiem for a dream, A flew over a cuckoo nest, Heat, Collateral, Perfume...