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I was a Supervising Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios and now I am a supervising Animator at DreamWorks Animation Studios. After graduating from the European School of Animation (aka Senior College, Ballyfermot), Ireland in 1993, with a student of the year award from Don Bluth (creator of An American Tail and Land Before Time), I started straight in as a 2D animator working on various German feature productions. After a brief time in London as an Animator in computer games, I got the call from Disney Animation Studios in 1995 to animate on Fantasia 2000 (Tin Soldier segment), Dinosaur (Kron and Carnataur), animation supervisor on Magic Lamp (CG genie in 3D), animation supervisor on Philharmagic (classic Disney characters in CG and 3D), supervising animator on Chicken Little (Chicken Little himself). At DreamWorks Animation SKG, I sipervised and animated on Monsters Versus Aliens, Shrek4, Megamind, Kung Fu Panda 2, Madagascar 3, The Croods and now Turbo. I'm also the head of Character Animation for iAnimate.net (advanced character animation workshops) and I'm a drummer in a band called "Dark Chapter".....phew.

Inspired by…

  • Everything Inspires me and my work.

Favorite Genres

  • Horror, especially Zombie movies.

Favorite Films

  • Dawn of the Dead, The Exorcist, The Omen....too many to name.