Jamie Beldam

So many fish, so little time.  


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I started fishing when i was 10, i am now 14 and fly fishing is my life, period. I caught my first fish on my first fishing trip in Scotland. We went to an estate called the Benmore Estate on the isle of Mull with a small river, I had the fish spinning in very high water on a mepps. It was a 2 1/2 Fresh-run, sea liced sea trout. Still one of the most beautiful fish have ever caught. And now, i am strictly fly-only! I have two brothers, one doesn't fish and one does. the one that does is 24 and a professional wildlife photographer. Hopefully we are going to start a project together soon!

Inspired by…

  • Charles Jardine, Chris Ogbourne, Jon Beer, Paul Procter, Nick Hart, John and Pete Tyjas. And finally my favourite...... Henry Gilbey

Favorite Genres

  • Music: Indie pop/rock (Florence and the machine, Mumflin sons, Ben Howard, Norah Jones)
  • Films: Comedy, RomCom, Fishing, Anything really

Favorite Films

  • Both Hangovers, Only where the river flows, Sipping dries, Devils Gold, I like most.......