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Dime Novel films is a new Feature / Documentary film production company that tells it's investors, "Imagine if you could make 5 great movies for the price of one!"

We produce films the dime novel way -- gritty, raw and stylistic. We are making history. The film world is changing, get on board before you miss the new wave of the Dime Novel film production, with that Dime Novel Films style that no one else can duplicate.

Dime Novel films doesn't follow trends that pop onto the scene & then fizzle. We make you question why you would go to anyone else with our companies motto, "Nobody makes a feature, cheaper." We know what you are thinking. How is this possible? It's got to be a piece of crap right? Film is on the verge of a massive relolution. Studios are afraid to do anything else accept huge tent pole features. Even the stuffiest in the corporate film market are going to be flipped out when they realize what we are doing. The film revolution is happening. And it's happening now.

How do we do it you ask...

Simple. We just GO outside and start filming. Do you see any scary monsters out there? I didn't think so. We just do it, and we get the job done.

Let's change Hollywood forever.

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