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William N McHugh is a professional videographer, electronic music producer and artist. He co-wrote music in the band N.U.V.O. with musical partner Robert Tate starting in 1990. When the band required music video production, Mchugh began a separate interest in video and editing.

Also having an interest in Halloween, McHugh started an outline for a film modeled after The Happy Haunting of America (which he had viewed from the local library). The film was in production for more than five years and would not only deviate from the source idea, but eventually directly involve McHugh in the haunted attraction business.

Screamer won several awards including one at the Las Vegas International Film Festival.

A portion of the score of Screamer was written by McHugh uncredited. He is currently working on two retro-analog horror themed albums, Space Vampire and Samhain.

Inspired by…

  • The Happy Haunting of America