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Vanvouver B.C. Canada
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After graduating from Vancouver film school, Ishwar worked as an office and production assistant at Cannell Studios on several television shows. He also gained experience in post-production as assistant editor on feature films by North American Pictures. At 24 he set up Mya Studios Inc. and wrote his first full-length screenplay. He proceeded to produce, direct, and exhibit it, all just before he turned 26. This achievement instilled in Ishwar a strong and real sense of purpose and confidence, not to mention solid, in the field experience a few can claim at age 26. To this day, Ishwar remains erudite and passionate about the vibrant world of movies and filmmaking, and infuses all his projects and collaborations with an unrivaled ethic of commitment, dedication, and discipline. Ishwar's repertoire includes an eclectic mix of shorts and feature films, screenplays, documentaries, TV shows, music videos, commercials, corporate videos, and photography; And a myriad of projects in development. As some of his projects have taken him to Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Ishwar is well traveled and worldly. His fervor and strong aspiration to learn more about world cinema was instrumental in his acceptance into the MFA program at Simon Fraser University, Canada where he completed two years of study. His research explored styles, influences, codes and spectatorship in different popular cinemas of the world. Ishwar continues to watch, study, make, and show movies. He is based in Vancouver BC. Canada.