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Hollydan Works was founded in 1998 by D. Daniel Vujic and today it is a multi-national company with a head office in Toronto, Canada, with supporting offices in Belgrade, Serbia and Tampa, USA.

Since 1998 Hollydan Works has continually entertained millions of people, distributing more than 500 feature films in over twenty countries, including theatrical exhibition and DVD releases. And over 5000 films, documentaries, music specials, and television series episodes to pay per view, video on demand, premium cable and free TV to over a dozen television networks across the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe.

Hollydan Works currently has distribution deals in place with Warner Brothers, Paramount, MGM, Lucas Films, and 20th Century Fox, and it has distributed films, TV series, music specials and documentaries with budgets of over $100 million to an assortment of ‘micro budgeted’ properties at $100,000 or less. In 2006 Hollydan Works launched their Music distribution division and since then have distributed dozens of leading artist from the Balkans selling over one million CD’s.

Hollydan Work’s marketing department is like none other, our network of marketing partner’s cover over fifteen different marketing platforms in over 100 countries.

Hollydan Works can be found in every corner of the internet thanks largely to our unprecedented relationship with Google whom Hollydan Works supported from the day they launched in September of 1998.

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