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Helen Lieros Mural Paintings

The story and depiction of an extraordinary artistic undertaking by the Zimbabwean artist Helen Lieros to paint huge murals in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Archangels Michael and Gabriel at Maputo, Mozambique over the period 1996 – 2013.

This 300 page book traces, through its generous illustrations of the murals, drawings, sketches and descriptive texts, the artist’s struggle – mentally, physically, artistically and spiritually – to execute some twenty murals and other works.

It is a book, not only for artists, art lovers and art students, but for galleries, museums, libraries and the general public.

The art historian, author and art critic Jean Luc Daval of Geneva wrote in 2011:

'Although people are willing to accept that the most important international events can take place anywhere in the world, nevertheless they might be inclined to doubt the art critic who claims that painting is experiencing a renaissance in a modest church in the capital of Mozambique... And yet in the Church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, under Helen Lieros' brushes, painting is rediscovering the demands of representation, the narrative possibilities of space and the expressiveness of colours within a genuine space which appeals to all the senses at once. Her work expresses an unexpected relationship with the world and others. Most significantly, she is writing a new chapter in the history of painting by challenging the Western tradition's ways of seeing, living and thinking; this is developing within a culture that draws from many sources, a shared culture in other words, measured on a global scale.'

ISBN: 978-0-9572979-3-7
Size: 290 x 220mm
Extent: 312 pages
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