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Bendigo - Australia
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Truth is stranger than fiction and here at Geerlings Digital Moments, our vision is to enrich the mind and soul of others through the sharing of knowledge and experiences as we set out on “our journey” exploring Australia.

Documentary production has been a key part of the Australian media landscape since the birth of moving pictures, and has provided a critical resource for the preservation, exploration, and explanation of the nation and its people.

Our collection of documented stories, captures the spirit of Australian history - from the iconic to the untold events, people and places of profound significance to the Australian people. From modern culture distractions and the forever changing face of the country, our collection of documented stories aims to inspire Australian's to connect with the past and to excite people from far and wide to explore the surreal beauty of "our great land" before it’s forgotten about completely.

Inspired by…

  • The love of history, and the humbling support we receive from those around us.

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  • Documentaries

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