Freeman's Collective

Step swiftly.  


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Newport Beach, CA
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We are a creative commune emphasizing active lifestyles and adventure travel through music, art, and documentary film. As creators, artists, athletes, and activists we seek to experience the world for its true and natural value. Our mission is to bring that world to life through the stories that we share. Our maxim is simple: Every adventure begins with one first step. Step swiftly.

We are all connected. We are free men and free woman.

Freeman's Collective

Inspired by…

  • John Muir, Ansel Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Jack London, Henry David Thoreau, National Geographic, National Science Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, National Parks Service, and many, many more contributors to the natural world.

Favorite Genres

  • Film:
  • Documentary Films, Nature, Action Sports, Science, and Discovery.
  • Music:
  • Indie, Alternative, House, and Dub.

Favorite Films

  • Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Life, 180 Degrees South, Into the Wild, Step into Liquid, Riding Giants, The Art of Flight.