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Vancouver, BC
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Frank Wolf is an award-winning filmmaker and writer specializing in adventure and environmental documentary film. As a director, he immerses himself in the experience of filming gruelling, unsupported expeditions in remote locations. Using a fast-paced style, his productions are marked by odd, exhilarating, brutal, and hilarious moments not seen in more conventional work. His films share the joy of adventure but also provide environmental and cultural perspectives from the inhabitants of the regions he travels through. See more of Frank's work at:

Inspired by…

  • Dersu Uzala,
  • Tom Brown Jr.,
  • Werner Herzog,
  • Richard Linklater

Favorite Genres

  • Documentaries,
  • Anything from the 70's Golden Age of film

Favorite Films

  • Grizzly Man,
  • Boyhood,
  • Aguirre the Wrath of God,
  • Searching for Sugarman
  • Apocalypse Now