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Kerala, India
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Fountain Blue Films was born one sunny fine summer, near the French chateau at Fontainebleau. Sudip was born dreaming of cinema, and ended up with an MPhil in Economics. Geethika wanted to direct, but started on the editorial desk of a newspaper. One day they decided that enough was enough, and got married. Soon they realised that movie making is not that easy. A storm was coming.Yet, they held on to each other. That's when they heard about a far far away land called Fontainebleau. Sudip went to study film making at the International Film School of Paris and Geetika did an MBA in media management from INSEAD. That's how Fountain Blue happened. They wrote the screenplay for a malayalam feature film "Akam". They also wrote and co-directed "Black Forest". And they happily fought ever after..

Inspired by…

  • Jean Pierre Jeaunet * Martin Scorscese * Tarantino * Hertzog * Cohen Bros * Walt Disney * Fitzgerald * NS Madhavan * Padmarajan

Favorite Genres

  • Periodic Rom-com Sci-fi, Neo Post modern ethnic cult, B movies, Regular Masala flick

Favorite Films

  • entire IMDB list