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Flopitworks consist of a group of student filmmakers who enjoy making all kinds of videos. Established after making one project for fun with each other, Flopitworks has continued to pump out plenty of videos for both practice and entertainment purposes. We plan on continuing with more ambitious projects in the future. Tune in to watch our short films and wacky videos. We do everything from comedy to thrillers.

Origin of the name:

We’re often asked; how did we come up with the name? In the class where we all met, students often handed in videos that had issues with screen direction. Our professor had to constantly bring up the “Flop” effect. It became so funny that we found ourselves saying “Flop It” even when student’s videos were fine. When it came time to come up with a name for ourselves, we decided to use Flop it because it was an inside joke in a place where we all met.

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