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St. Petersburg FLORIDA
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Since I was a very young man I have been fascinated with PORSCHE; specifically 356 and 911 models. I can still hear my Father’s stories of his first “real car”– a 356 with rolled leather seats still wrapped in plastic; all for the price of $3,700. Prices have changed a bit, but my love for PORSCHE has remained intact. In my teens, a PORSCHE would literally stop me in my tracks. I would be hypnotized if a 930 passed. I was never quite sure what made PORSCHE so fascinating. Was it the sound of the engine? The look? Maybe it was just the legendary name PORSCHE. Whatever it was, for the last 60 years there has never been another car that could match the PORSCHE 911. I now own a 997-S and get to experience things from a different perspective: behind the wheel.

I created this site because I thought there should be an easy way for other crazed PORSCHE fans to suggest short trips and drive together. No politics, no fees, no meetings. Just the sharing of a common bond; the name PORSCHE. That, along with the positive feedback I received before writing the first line of code, is why the site came to be.

But enough about me, welcome to FLAT6ers! Share the site, share a trip idea and most importantly share your PORSCHE story.

Stephen: Creator of FLAT6ers, PORSCHE owner and admitted fanatic.