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Rarotonga, Cook Islands
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Film Raro is a film challenge like no other in the world. Its core objectives are to aid social and economic development in the south pacific through a global strategy of engagement with filmmakers and audiences from around the world.

Drum Productions will executive produce, over a single week, six short films by crews from all over the world working with locals in the tropical paradise of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

At the end of the week, the finished films will be showcased to the people of the Cook Island’s during a major public outdoor screening and then to global audiences at international film festivals.

Film Raro is not a one off event, it will be produced annually.

Initially Film Raro will capacity build the industries and peoples of the Cook Islands in the professional business of film-making to provide benefits such as:

• Film Raro will increase the capacity for pacific peoples to create a voice for themselves in the audiovisual medium. To be able to hear them selves, to see them selves, to be heard and understood by others, to educate, to celebrate who they are. To learn to produce, write, direct, capture film, sound, edit and act at the highest production levels and with the latest technology. To preserve language and culture to learn, grow and develop.

• Film Raro will brand the Cook Islands -COOKIWOOD - the film friendliest tropical location in the world.

• The economic development of the Cook Islands and the pacific region as a competent and professional service and location option to the global multi-billion dollar film and television industry that is linked to New Zealand.

• To boost tourism and its associated industries through global destination exposure.

• Film Raro will foster international partnerships with governments, corporate and private sectors that have interests in the pacific such as NZ, Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

• Film Raro will foster the preservation of the Pacific’s greatest natural resources; it’s tropical scenery and unique peoples.

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