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  1. Customize your page, and upload your film.
  2. Sell your film, generate support, or give it away for free.
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  3. Use social tools to engage audience throughout the lifecycle of the film.

Customize by adding content

  • Post news and updates

    Keep passionate fans and would-be viewers in the loop.
  • Add extras and bonus videos

    The audience will see all your content in one place.
  • Create an image gallery

    Upload images from the film.
  • Sell merchandise

    Sell both digital and physical film merchandise.

Upload high quality movies with ease

Reelhouse has a one-stop uploading and encoding step, no matter who you are.

Learn more about how we encode videos
  • We support studios

    From Mezzanine files to serving any form of DRM requirement on any platform.
  • Distributors welcome

    We do not require exclusivity, and can work within any traditional distribution deal.
  • Independent filmmakers

    Our fast encoding process gets your film up in 1080p in no time.

More ways to get paid

  • Sell or rent your movie

    It’s your film: sell it, rent it, or both. Try selling pre-orders to monetize all that early buzz. View Example
  • Offer bundles

    Include a DVD soundtrack or anything digital or physical with your film to make a Bundle. View Example
  • Promo codes

    Tweet out a 20% off code at a festival, or have a one day half-off sale with our Promo codes.
  • Pay what you want

    Inspire viewers to pay higher than your asking price. It feels good to pay the creator directly. View Example

Setup a store and start selling

  • Sell digital downloads

    Upload any file, set a price, and have your fans get instant access.
  • Sell physical merchandise

    Custom checkout questions for your viewers to make physical sales efficient and intuitive.
  • Manage your store

    The store manager makes fulfillment easy– export your orders as a .CSV.
  • 3rd party fulfillment

    A growing list of compatible fulfillment options with other platforms.

Don't pay anything until you make a sale

The most painless and flexible payment solution you could possibly think of.

Learn more about payments
  1. We take 10%

    We take less, so you take more. 10% plus $0.50 per transaction includes all costs. No sign up fees.
  2. Checkout made easy

    There should be no hurdles for your viewers– we offer them the latest and most robust options.
  3. Accept all major credit cards

    Proven and secure, we can also remember credit card info to make the next purchase as easy as one click.

Manage your content

  • Enterprise level DRM

    Playready, Widevine, FlashAccess, etc... we have the resources to ensure any digital rights management criteria is met
  • Control content by region

    Our geo-blocking features are user-facing and allow a hands-on approach to selecting the availability of your content in any country.

Own your audience

We give you the tools for long term viewer acquisition.

  • Post news from one place

    Update your fans by integrating Facebook and Twitter to your page. Posts published here link back to your page to funnel inbound traffic. View Example
  • Sell from any website with your player

    Embed your Reelhouse player on any website or social network to trigger a Buy button for viewers to make a purchase anywhere the trailer is shared. View Example
  • Grant special access to anyone

    Give behind the scenes access to press or bloggers to help build buzz for the film before release.
  • Your backers will love it here

    Fulfil your supporters from any crowdfunding platform with free downloads and private online screenings, all from your Reelhouse page.

Your videos anywhere, anytime.

We make sure your film can be seen on all devices.

different devices
  • Mobile Ready

    Your film page and videos are responsive to fit any mobile or tablet device.
  • Chromecast enabled

    Stream any Reelhouse film to your TV wirelessly– all you need is a Chromecast device.
  • Reelhouse in your living room

    Allow your fans the home theatre experience, with Reelhouse coming to media centers soon.
  • Chromecast

  • Roku

    Coming soon
  • Apple TV

    Coming soon