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Viewer Questions

Watching films on Reelhouse

What’s included in my purchase?

On the purchase flow, on the right of your credit card details, will be a list & description of what you're getting with your purchase (digital downloads, store discounts, physical merchandise, etc.).

Using the Offline Player

If you bought a DRM protected film (any Warner Bros title), you can download your film through the Reelhouse Offline Player (Requires OS X 10.6+ or Windows XP+). This takes about 60 seconds to set up, directions below:

  • Click the download link in your purchase receipt email or visit the film’s page and click DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL on the film stage.
  • Click ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ in the pop-up, and wait a few moments for the application to install.
  • Next it will ask to OPEN or SAVE your file, click OPEN.
  • Now go to your APPLICATIONS folder and right-click to open the REELHOUSE OFFLINE PLAYER.
  • Finally, when the new window pops up, enter your username and password to see your Reelhouse catalogue and available downloads!

Can't open Reelhouse Offline Player due to “Untrusted Developer” error? Simply right click on the Reelhouse Offline Player, and click ‘OPEN’ to access and download your Reelhouse catalogue.

Why can’t I download films on my iPad/iPhone/iPod?

Our Major Studio films are protected by DRM restrictions that aren’t compatible with FLASH on iOS devices. Download your film on the Reelhouse Offline Player and plug your computer into a larger monitor/TV for the full bigscreen effect.

  • For independent films, you can download the movie onto your desktop computer, and then transfer it from there to your iPad/iPhone/iPod.

What browsers do you support on Reelhouse?

  • Chrome (latest)
  • Firefox (14+)
  • Internet Explorer (9+)
  • Safari (5+)

Following stories on Reelhouse

What is the follow feed?

Follow your Facebook friends or your favourite filmmakers to see what inspires them, and the cool stories they’re discovering on Reelhouse.

How do I stay updated with a film?

Click ‘Get Updates’ on the film's page, or 'follow' the filmmaker to get alerted when the film releases, and other news directly from the filmmaker. Check your alert settings to be updated via email or within the follow feed.

Ads on Reelhouse

How come there are no banner ads or pop-ups?

Reelhouse is 100% ad free. We believe that great pieces of content should be enjoyed how the filmmaker intended, without distractions and in a place that values their work of passion.

Paying on Reelhouse

Do I have to pay?

That depends on the film, and you. We have a wide variety of amazing paid, free or ‘Pay What You Want’ films for you to experience and engage with.

What do I get when I pay for the film?

This depends on what the filmmaker is offering. On a paid film, click buy/rent/bundle, to see how many extras, downloads & minutes of content is included in your purchase.

How do payments work on Reelhouse?

All films on Reelhouse are purchased via PayPal or Credit Card. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay via any credit card - powered by Stripe.

Where is my money going when I pay on Reelhouse?

All payments on Reelhouse go directly to the filmmaker through PayPal. Reelhouse’s takes a 10% + $0.50 fee on each sale to cover Paypal/Stripe fees, hosting and bandwidth costs.

How, and when, are prices displayed in my local currency?

To make buying films on Reelhouse easier for people around the world, we display film prices in local currencies wherever possible. The actual prices charged are always in USD.

Currently we show the local currency in the following countries:

  • All countries that use the Euro
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Great Britain
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • USA

If your country is not listed here and you'd like to see prices in your local currency, please let us know

Creator Questions

Uploading video and Images

What kind of content can I upload to Reelhouse?

Reelhouse accepts only videos you created yourself.
  • You must hold all necessary rights to this video (e.g. copyrights, etc).
  • Public domain content is not permitted.
  • You must be the actual creator– uploading on behalf of, or with the permission of, the creator doesn’t count (sorry).

This is a home for entertainment, not your online portfolio.
  • Videos uploaded are intended to capture a viewing audience for the purposes of entertaining them– filmmaking technique demonstrations, equipment or software explanations or discussions, or other non-narrative work is not permitted.

Commercial use videos are not permitted. Content not allowed under this rule:
  • Redistribution of commercially distributed content (e.g. television shows).
  • Ads– whether constituting the whole or part of the video.
  • Product or service promotion or sales videos.
  • Any money-making proposition such as multi-level marketing, work-from-home businesses, or the like.

Some types of content are not allowed.
  • Pornography and sexually explicit material is not to be uploaded to Reelhouse. We’re just not that kind of site. Non-sexual nudity, however, is allowed.
  • You may not upload material that incites hatred or is racially or ethnically offensive; depicts acts of extreme violence; may create a risk of harm or loss to any person or property; contains content that is illegal or may contribute to a crime; contains any content that is defamatory, discriminatory, libelous, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Clips or compilations of scenes from TV programs, movies, or video games are not permitted.

What are your recommended upload specifications?

  • Format: We support AVI, MOV, MPG, or MP4 formats. Note; MOV files created by iMovie are not supported.
  • Codec: h264
  • Frames per second: 24, 25 & 30
  • Resolution: We serve resolutions at 1080p, 720p and 360p. Higher resolutions can be sold as digital files in the store (4K, etc.).
  • Audio: 256 kbps / 320 kbps
  • Audio sampling rate: 44.1, 48, or 96kHz
  • Field order: Progressive
  • Pixel aspect ratio: square pixels
  • Data rate: 2000-20,000 kbps

Transcoding Process

  • We transcode a 1080p, 720p and 360p version of each video you upload. Viewers decide which one to download/stream.
  • 1080p output = Original uploaded file should have a resolution of at least 1920x1080
  • 720p output = Original uploaded file should have a resolution of at least 1280x720

Why isn’t my video uploading?

  • Be sure that your file size is below our 15GB limit.
  • Check if your flash player is up to date.
  • See our upload requirements above.
  • Contact if all of the above are checked.

How do I upload images to my film?

On your film page, under the Settings side bar, click “Images”. Upload the image file (JPG, GIF, or PNG., no bigger than 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels), add a caption or title and click save.

  • You can also re-order these images by simply clicking and dragging.
  • Delete or edit an image by hovering over the image and clicking the pencil or trashcan icon.

How do I upload a video poster?

Go to your film page, under the Settings side bar, click ‘Film Details’ and upload a custom poster for your film. We crop posters based on the standard One-Sheet dimensions (1944x2880).

Why won’t my image upload?

Ensure your image file and size meets our upload requirements. Try cropping, compressing or resizing to fit the specs.

Giving Credit where credit’s due

List your cast, crew, musicians and gear in the Videos section of the Settings side bar menu. Hover over a video, click the edit pencil and choose credits on the top. You can also add their websites/twitter/links to their names for deeper recognition. All this will appear under the film's stage when streaming on the film page.

Telling your story on the film page

Where do I customize colours and visual interface of my video player?

In the left sidebar menu, click “Page Appearance”, then choose your colour accents below.

Changing the appearance

Where do I add a background image/wallpaper?

In the left sidebar menu, click “Page Appearance”. Now click 'choose file' under 'choose a background image' Your image will be resized to 1920 by 1200 pixels. Ensure you have the title treatment in the top 1/4 of the image.

Adding a background image

Where do I add updates to my story and film?

Check out the “Updates” section of the settings sidebar to post sharable updates, video, image and text. Add press links, accolades, festival acclaim and breaking news here to keep your fans engaged.

Adding updates for your film

How do I comment and respond to comments?

Comment on a film by clicking the “Comments” tab on the left of the film page - or scrolling down to the bottom. Reply to a specific comment by rolling your mouse over the comment and clicking the “Reply” button. Click the heart icon if you liked this comment or reply. Flag it if you think it’s inappropriate or offensive.

Releasing your film on Reelhouse

How do I make it on to the “staff picks” and discovery page?

We love compelling, inspiring and entertaining films. Use our tools in innovative and unconventional ways to make your film experience incredible and successful. The entire Reelhouse team crawls the site daily looking for great content and we chose what we’d like to pick.

Can I embed the Reelhouse player on my own site, or a blog?

Copying the embed code from the Reelhouse player

Yes, the Reelhouse player is embeddable on any website or social network - we even have Twitter Cards and Facebook Embeds for seamless social sharing. Click the share button on the video player to get the embed link and insert it into your site’s code (just the video URL for FB & Twitter will do). Viewers will be able to click Reelhouse logo on the embedded player to be directed back to the film’s film page. If the film is available to buy, rent or pre-order, a buy button will appear on the pre-play & end-states of the video, letting viewers know it’s available for purchase.

Why doesn’t my embedded player work?

If you’re embedding on a blog, ensure that you copy the exact code from the share icon. Avoid tampering with this code to ensure a smooth embedded video. You can also make this player responsive to the window in which it's embedded, by checking the 'Responsive Code' box.

My licensing agreement prohibits me to share this film with a specific region, can I geo-block with Reelhouse?

Reelhouse is a global player, connecting filmmakers with their diverse and niche audiences around the world. Looking to restrict access for certain regions? Select regions to block - or - make available using our Geo-block feature in the settings sidebar, under the Geoblocking option. Select to allow or block the following countries, and simply begin typing a country for those rules to apply to.

Can I play a movie in an auditorium, for a classroom or a watch party?

Check with the filmmaker (directly or in the comments section) if you’re planning to screen their film for a larger, public audience, whether for free or not.

Who can see my film when I’m working on it?

You have the choice to activate and de-activate your film whenever you choose in the top right corner of the film page. It will be private until you activate it. Your profile is always public, anyone that follows you or has the link to your profile will be able to see your profile page.

Monetizing your film


The fulfilment dashboard has all your sales data broken down by username, email, country, item purchased and date.

  • Filmmaker Payments are delivered every month on the 1st. Check your past payments at the top of the page, or choose a date range. All this data is exportable via .CSV file.
  • Under payments, sales data is broken down by (Buy, Rent, Pre-order & Bundles), and Store items below that.
  • Physical store items include shipping addresses per customer and Questions (if you created them).
  • You can also keep track of which orders you’ve fulfilled by clicking the ‘complete’ box beside the store item.
  • All this data is exportable via CSV document, and is searchable by date, film name & keyword.

Collecting Payment

Filmmaker Payments

Filmmaker payments occur on the 1st of every month via PayPal, and are recorded in the filmmaker’s fulfillment dashboard. Reelhouse receives each purchase, deducts our (10% + $0.50) per transaction, and uses that revenue to cover transaction fees from Stripe and Paypal, as well as hosting, bandwidth and transcoding costs.

Viewer Purchases

Viewer can make purchases via Paypal or any credit card (powered by Stripe), with a Reelhouse account.

How many PayPal accounts can I have per film?

At this time, only one. Let us know if you’d like more, we’ll talk.

What currencies do you accept?

Lots, check the list here

What currency are the prices in Reelhouse?

US Dollars (USD)

I'm trying to link my Reelhouse and PayPal accounts, but am told I need to accept USD.

At this time all PayPal payments via Reelhouse happen in US dollars. To ensure your PayPal account will accept this currency, try both of the following account checks:

Check 1
  • Log In to your PayPal account.
  • Click "Profile" in the top menu
  • Click "My selling tools" on the left menu
  • Find "Block payments" under "Getting paid and managing my risk", click "Update"
  • Under "Block payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold" select "No, accept them and convert them to U.S. Dollars"
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Save"
Check 2
  • Log In to your PayPal account.
  • Click "Currency converter" above and to the right of your balances
  • Choose "U.S. Dollar" from the dropdown and click "Add Currency"

Where can I manage and analyze my fan data?

Under your profile drop down menu, click “Fulfilment”. Here you can keep track of who contributes to your film, when they contributed, how much, what they bought, and where they live. You can also execute email campaigns to all or a select few of your fans, assign tasks and keep notes of them all in one place.

Who’s watching my films, how long are they watching them for, where are they from and what else can I find out about my page’s metrics?

Check out your analytics page under “Metrics” in your profile drop down menu in the top right corner.

Settings and Licensing

How do I delete my account?

Under your profile drop down menu, click settings, then click ‘delete your account’. Enter your password and some feedback, and we’ll say our goodbyes.

How do I change my profile name and email address?

Under your profile drop down menu, click settings, profile, and edit away. Make sure you save your changes.

How do I change my password?

Under your profile drop down menu, click settings, then password. Enter your current password, a new password and verify it. Make sure you save your changes.

How do I change my email alerts?

Under your profile drop down menu, click settings, then alerts. Change your email notifications to never, once a day or once a week. Make sure you save your changes.

How do I change my Paypal account?

Under your profile drop down menu, click settings then funding. Enter your new Paypal information. Make sure it’s verified and save your changes.

I don’t have licensing for the music in the film, can I still monetize?

We’re not lawyers, but we do advise you to have a conversation and a legal agreement with all parties involved before sharing your content on Reelhouse.

How-to Guides

Set up pre-orders

It’s tough to monetize all those trailer views, festival circuit buzz and press reviews before your digital release. Cash in on this buzz by opening pre-orders on your film early.

  1. Once you have your page built, click ‘Buy, Rent, Pre-order’ under settings and change ‘Purchase Offering’ to ‘Pre-order’.
  2. Choose your pre-order price and pick an estimated release date. We recommend offering a price discount or exclusive extras bundled into your pre-order offering, to reward those who support you early.
  3. Choose your trailer. Only your trailer and videos that you explicitly make free will be publicly viewable. This allows you to ‘hide’ your finished film on the page before it’s release, and let press check it out for reviewing purposes. Learn about press passes here.
setting up preorders

All your pre-order purchases will be recorded on your Fulfilment page, with email address, date of purchase, name/username & amount paid. Once you toggle from pre-order to buy/rent in the menu, everyone who pre-ordered your film will receive an email with a download link to your film.

Crowdfunding Fulfilment

We’ve worked closely with Kickstarter to put together an easy fulfilment solution for any crowdfunding project from any platform. Send your backers a free pass to your film, via a one-time-only access code to stream or download.

All you need is a list of your backers’ emails receiving the reward in a .csv file format (download this from your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) and upload the list in .csv format to the Special Access section in the left bar menu.

Customize a thank-you note in the email, click send - and we’ll do the rest.

On the other end, your backers will receive an email with a download link & thank you note (from you). Users will be directed to your film page (on a unique URL), where they’re prompted to REDEEM their free film. Once they click REDEEM, the film will be added to their Reelhouse film collection where they will have access to it whenever/wherever they please.

Backer fulfilment 1
Sending out codes to your backers
Backer fulfilment 2
And here's what your backers will receive in their inbox

To host an online screening of your film for your backers (no downloads included), check out our Discounts section.

Embed your player anywhere

Now that you know why our player is so awesome, lets get it embedded everywhere. 63% of traffic to our films come from embeds, so make sure you get your trailer out to the right places early. As soon as you cut your first trailer, release it with the Reelhouse player to directly monetize all those views.

Responsive Embeds: We create ready-to-paste embeddable iframe codes on each video. Simply click the ‘share’ icon on the left of your video, and select ‘embed’. Here you can grab a fixed embed code and customize the width & height.

You can also grab the responsive code by checking the box that says ‘Automatically resize to fit page’. This allows the video to change shape depending on the size of the browser window that also adapts to mobile and tablet formats.

Responsive embeds

Here's how it looks in the different scenarios

Player on Twitter
On Twitter's news feed
Player on FB
On Facebook's news feed
Player on blog
Embedded on a blog/news website
Player on films website
Embedded on the film's website
Player on mobile
Embedded on a mobile or tablet device (pre-play state)
Player on mobile 2
Embedded on a mobile or tablet device (end-state)

Looking to minimize clicks and dropoffs? Offer a BUY NOW button to any page using our quick links for purchasing / buying. Under the left settings bar, click BUY/RENT and look for the link icon beside the price. This is a direct URL to the buy page for that BUY/RENT price. Bundles also has the same link available under the ‘Bundles’ section of the menu.

purchase links
Links auto-copy to clipboard when clicked
puchase links 2
Direct links can be embedded on websites, newsletters, etc.
puchase links 3
Immediately directs to the film's purchase flow

Ways to sell on Reelhouse

Buy: Adding BUY to your film, allows viewers to purchase your film to download (and watch offline), and stream unlimited times (online). Under the Buy, Rent & Pre-order section of the menu, select a price for BUY, make sure you have a trailer set up, and then you’re ready to release your film.

Rent allows a viewer to stream your film for 48hrs from the moment they purchase, no downloads included. Under the Buy, Rent & Pre-order section of the menu, select a price for RENT, make sure you have a trailer set up, and then you’re ready to release your film.

You can choose one or the other, or both! Add value to this offering by bundling the film with extras/DVDs/Soundtracks/etc.

Pay What You Want allows a viewer to pick any of the above options (Buy, Rent, Bundle, Pre-order) but contribute more than the stated amount. This is great for social cause documentaries, or projects that forward a % to a charity for example. Select ‘ON’ for the ‘Pay What You Want’ toggle, under the Buy, Rent & Pre-order section of the menu (you can apply this to Bundles too), to allow viewers to pay more than your stated price. Leave a short message that compels a viewer to give more to the cause.

Setting up PWYW for Buy/Rent
Setting up PWYW for Bundles

Free: You can also make your film available for free. Simply check your Buy/Rent, Pre-order settings, and make sure neither are checked. You can always later turn on Buy/Rent, Pre-order if you change your mind.

Connect with PayPal

In order to receive money when fans buy your films, you must have a Paypal account. Your Paypal account must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be a Premier or Business account
  • Your account must also be verified

If you don't have a Paypal account already, you can sign up for free. Once you have a compatible Paypal account, enter the email and name associated with it on the funding settings page. After Paypal has verified your account, your funding income will be deposited to it automatically.

Payment Providers

You can now buy Reelhouse movies without a Paypal account, using just your credit card. Our Stripe integration allows us to host a slick purchase flow, requiring only the credit card details of a purchaser. As always, Paypal purchases will continue to be accepted, and Reelhouse will continue to pay filmmakers via Paypal.

Learn more about how filmmakers get paid here.

*Also, new in this update, is the capability to store your credit card details for future purchases.

Setting up your Store

Under ‘Settings’, click ‘store’ under storefront to add items to your store. Here you can add digital items (soundtrack download, script PDFs, etc.) or physical items (DVD, signed poster, etc.). Here’s how to create a store:

  • Pick the available quantity of the item and a fair price (should include shipping). You can also add different store items for customers outside the US, and price them at different price tiers to accommodate for extra shipping costs.
  • Upload an image that shows your product (digital or physical) in it’s best light.
  • Add a question (ie: T-shirt colour, size? Poster 8x12 or 16x14?)
  • Save your changes and turn the store ON at the top to activate.
  • You can also determine the order of your store items by clicking and dragging any item to the top or bottom of the list.
  • Click the link icon beside the price (under settings) to have a direct link to the purchase flow of any store item. This way you can make direct buy buttons on any other website, social network or blog.
Setting up your store

Special Access

This section is divided into 2 groups: press access, and crowd-funding fulfilment.

Press Access

Under ‘Settings’, click ‘Special Access’. Turn Password Access to ‘ON’, enter in a customized password and decide whether VIP can download your videos or not.

You can now send out this URL, with password to VIP/Press/festival programmers to allow them access to your film, to either stream or download. Your film can be de-activated, or available for buy/rent/pre-order to use this feature.

Crowdfunding Fulfilment

We’ve worked closely with Kickstarter to put together an easy fulfilment solution for crowdfunding projects of all types and platforms, check it out. Send your backers a free pass to your film, through unique, one-time-only access codes to stream or download.

All you need is a list of your backers’ emails receiving the reward in a .csv file format (download this from your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) and upload the list in .csv format to the Special Access section in the left bar menu.

Customize a thank-you note in the email and click send!

We then send a note to all those emails, with a REDEEM button in the email. When the backer clicks REDEEM a new window opens to your film page with your videos unlocked and available to download.

Releasing/Activating your Page

So you’ve read our best practices on Release Strategy , you’ve picked a Monetization model, and you’re sure you’re ready to release your film - you got this. Look at the top right of your film page, and slide the toggle from inactive to active to make your film page available.

**Remember, if you sold PRE-ORDERS, an automatic email will be sent to all who pre-ordered your film notifying them that it’s now available to watch.

Now that your film is active, here comes the fun part. Head over to our Release Strategy guide and embed player article to get your film out far and wide.

Getting Paid

We accept several forms of payment (PayPal, Credit Card, Stripe), however we pay all our filmmakers via PayPal in $USD, every month on the 1st. Filmmakers have live access to your transactions on the Fulfilment page, and can keep track of payments there. Sync and setup your Paypal account here. Read more about how filmmakers get paid here

Page Appearance

Starting in the left sidebar menu, under 'Page Appearance' - make the landing page unique to your film. Start with your background image, this should be a (1920x1200px) beautiful, high resolution image. Pages look best with title treatment in the top 1/4th of the image, so it appears as shown below:

cover image
Upload an image with title to fit on the top 1/4 of the page
  • Only the top half of your cover image will be visible on desktop, the bottom half will be semi-obstructed by your bundling options, News layer or Videos layer (whichever comes first). At times, the full image will be used (Media Center Applications, Homepage Carousel, etc.)
  • Be sure to place the title on your cover image within the green box - as to avoid conflicting with text & buttons.

    Next you can choose the colours on your film’s title (as it appears in the top bar), by picking a specific colour code.

  • You also get to choose the theme colours for your video player, so that anywhere it shows up (on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) will appear as a uniquely coloured player, that matches your film’s website or theme. No generic Youtube skins here. See how this filmmaker matched his player with his website:
player colours
Player matching the colour branding of the film


Offering discounts or promotions is great way to get the word out there about your film. You can customize everything about your discounts and promotions here. Below are two use-case examples for discounts:

  • Tweet out a custom code for anyone to use multiple times (eg: Sundance2015 for all festival attendees to get 10% off your film)
  • Slip unique codes into your DVD boxes for people to redeem their digital copy online, for a one-time use (eg: Enter 34kj3jh43 at for your free digital copy!)

Promo Code Type: Choose ‘custom code’ and enter your desired code (ex: ‘Sundance2015’). Or choose ‘Generate random codes’ and we’ll spit out a .CSV form of random one-time-use codes (ex: 2rj5m!k) for a non-sharable discount.

How many times? Decide the maximum number of codes that ‘Sundance2015’ can be redeemed, or if you’re allowing unlimited redemptions, click ‘No limit’.

Discount Type: Choose how much your discount will take off the current sale price (ex: 1$ off? 50% off? Free?). And choose which buy/rent/bundle/store item it applies to.

Date range: Finally, select what date range in which this discount is valid. Either for a limited time only, or make it forever.

Creating a Discount


Fill in bundle details
Adding a bundle image
Adding items to a bundle

A bundle can convert a passing viewer to an influential fan, while increasing your margins and allowing people to connect better with you as a creator, and your film.

To create a bundle, go to 'Bundles' under the settings menu.

Creating a 'Bundle'
  • Choose a price to set this bundle at pricing tips here)
  • Name your bundle (ie; SuperFan Package, DVDplus Bundle, Deluxe Edition). Try to fit the name of your film into your Bundle name, so when it stands alone folks will remember which film they’re purchasing.
  • Include sales copy of the bundle to make it sound epic (ie: includes 6 exclusive featurettes, directors commentary, version Francais!)
  • Upload an image that best shows off the bundle (doesn’t have to be a real photo of the item)
  • Finally, add videos and/or items (digital or physical) that you’d like to include in your bundle. Make sure these videos are already uploaded onto your page for quicker bundling.
  • Grab the ‘Buy Link’ to create direct purchase links on your own website, or another online property.

Picking a Price

Make a quality film, at a fair price, that’s accessible to all and easier to buy than it is to steal - and you’ll do well. We’ve covered the ease of use part, now make sure your film is accessible and finally, price it well.

We’ve found that the most popular rental price bracket on Reelhouse is at 6$.

We also know that 65% of films bought on Reelhouse are priced >$9. So make sure you offer a fair buy & rent price, with additional fan bundles at premium prices. Add value to these packages with extras, soundtracks, DVDs, whatever you have available that fans might like!

Metrics Home Page

Under your profile drop-down menu, click ‘Metrics’ to dive deeper into how your audience is engaging with your film.

Here you’ll find a brief overview of how your film is performing on visits, income and video plays. Filter by date range and viewing period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) to get more specific.

Have multiple films? Compare films by typing the first few letters of the title in the field above the graph and we’ll populate the rest.

Metrics Overview

Scroll down to see the complete list of your films, and select one to analyze deeper.

Video Views

Once you’ve selected a film page to analyze, the Video Views page lets you analyze how your different videos are doing on this selected film page. Choose to compare how each video is performing individually, or compare a selection of your choice by typing the name of the video.

Page Traffic

This is a general overview of hits on your film page. Just below the table you can determine how many folks have accessed your film via your Special Access link/code. Also this is where you can track how many redemption codes have been redeemed (crowdfunding fulfilment). Note that data before 2014-09-17 is not available

Geographic Data: allows you to determine where in the world your traffic is coming from and lets you drill down from continent to country. This diagram shows all time data

The Engagement Data: table shows what content your audience is engaging with most. Each layer tracks the unique number of time users have clicked on it.

Sales Analytics

Visit your metrics page to track where sales are coming from. Click into a film and onto the 'Purchases' tab to dive deeper. Below you can find out more about each data point.


Analyze your purchases over time, and see which products are driving the most sales. The graph shows performance on Store, Buy/Rent, Bundles and Pre-orders.


See the full list of your discounts here. Also check out how many have been used, and their expiration date.


See the full list of your Bundles here. Analyze this data based on volume and sales performance for both digital and physical merch bundles.

Embed Referral Data

The embed referral data table gives you insight on how your embedded videos are performing. The data displays the website where your video is embedded, and how many loads, plays and completions the player is getting on that website. Choose to see ALL your videos, or drill down on a specific one. Note that the table will not show ‘load’ data that occurred before 2014-09-17.

Affiliate Referral Data

Affiliate Referral Data

The affiliate referral data table gives you insight on how folks are discovering your film page. This tracks where on the web your traffic is coming from, before they arrive at your Reelhouse page or purchase flow, and how many of those folks end up purchasing your film. Note that data before 2014-09-17 is not available.

Affiliate Campaign Data

This tool allows you to send unique links to your partners/affiliates and then track the sales performance of those links based on how many purchases they drive.

First, you can create a unique affiliate link with the Google custom UTM parameter generator here

Inputting *source*, *medium* and *campaign* terms, you can then send your affiliates out the long links (or shorten them using a service like or Based on the data given in the table here, you can then payout a commission or % of film sales to those affiliates driving exposure and purchases to your film.

Unified Currencies

Reelhouse has quickly become a global platform, helping filmmakers sell their videos as far away as Zimbabwe, Romania and Japan (we’re big in Japan). Over 80% of film sales come from outside the US, so we’re now showing prices in the viewer’s local currency.

Payments are still charged in $USD and are rounded to the nearest $0.09, they’re simply displayed in the viewers local currency to translate the price better. Filmmakers still receive payments in $USD as well.

If your country doesn’t appear on this list, let us know and we’ll see about adding it!

Multiple Film Bundles

Have more than one film on Reelhouse? Bundle multiple films together to sell as a deluxe package deal. Choose any videos that you’ve uploaded already (even on different film pages) to bundle them together for the ultra fan.

In the menu, under ‘Bundles’ select the films you’d like to include in this package under ‘Other Videos’. Name your price, and save your changes.


Shipping Prices

Filmmakers on Reelhouse sell merchandise to fans all over the world. You can now recoup some of the international shipping costs, by setting a surcharge on items shipped to far away countries.

setting up shipping

Under ‘Store’ or ‘Bundles’ click the ‘Add Shipping’ button to set up a surcharge. Add the region’s name (International, North America, etc.) and set the surcharge price. A purchaser will be prompted to select their region upon payment, and the surcharge will be added to their bill. This is also a great tool to add regional sales tax on items that require it. When the purchase is made, you’ll receive an email from us detailing the shipping order.

purchasing shipping


The gifting tool allows a viewer to purchase a film or bundle for someone else

Purchasing a Gift

A viewer can purchase a film as a gift in the checkout flow, by simply adding in the email address of the recipient - feel free to add in a special message as well. We then send out an email to the lucky receiver, with a download link included. Pay it forward.


Reelhouse is an international community, with over 47% of purchasers speaking foreign languages. To make Reelhouse accessible to our more exotic users, we’ve added subtitles.

Filmmakers can now upload .SRT files under ‘Videos’ to accompany the feature film, bonus clips or any other videos on their page.

setting up subtitles

Viewers can simply click the CC toggle on the video player to select their language if it’s available.

**Note that not all films have subtitles included, as this is the filmmaker’s choice to enable them.

360 Video

Supported 360 degree video source files

  • Spherical equirectangular monoscopic, 2:1 aspect ratio
  • Spherical equirectangular stereoscopic top-bottom, 1:1 aspect ratio

Recommended resolutions for 360 degree video

  • Mono: 4096x2048
  • Stereo: 4096x4096

Minimum resolutions for 360 degree video

  • Mono: 3840x1920
  • Stereo: 2048x2048

Maximum resolutions for 360 degree video

  • Mono: 8192x4096
  • Stereo: 8192x8192

Recommended frame rate for 360 degree video

  • 30 FPS. higher fps support coming soon

How we encode 360 degree video

  • Mono
    • 4k: 3840x1920
    • 1080: 2160x1080
    • 720: 1440x720
    • 540: 960x540
  • Stereo
    • 4k: 2048x2048
    • 1080: 1080x1080
    • 720: 720x720
    • 540: 540x540

Best Practices using Reelhouse

Understanding your film’s page

Sell better with Reelhouse

Fans feel good about buying directly from creators. Connect better with your audience by offering them a unique viewing experience online, customized by you. There are a lot of simple platforms out there that do a great job at just selling video files - Reelhouse lets you create and add value to your film, giving fans a lot more to love.

Add value to your film with:

  • Extras: Those terabytes of extra footage, deleted scenes, bloopers and BTS clips sitting on a hard drive somewhere? Fans love this stuff, and our stats show that these clips often influence a purchase - in some cases, even more than a trailer - using the purchase friendly Reelhouse player.
  • Updates: Keep your fans engaged throughout the entire lifecycle of your film by communicating with them in your news layer. Reviews, production updates, related news, festival awards, screening times - each update you post sends an email directly to your subscribers. Be sure to add a photo to each update to make it more clickable. Learn how to add news here.
  • Images: Instagram shots, production stills, red carpet snaps and sharable memes, show your fans a glimpse inside the life of the story in your images layer. Your audience can like, comment and share these images to increase your film’s reach. Learn how to add images here.
  • Create a bundle: Give your fans an opportunity to become more involved with the film. Put together a premium fan package, including digital downloads or physical merch for super fans. Upload an MP3 zip file of your soundtrack, add in a poster, T-shirt or any other film swag that will get fans excited. This is a chance to earn higher revenue while offering rewarding experiences to your fans. More on creating bundles here.
  • Add a store: Sell digital and physical goods separately in the store. This allows fans who may have already watched the film to get a piece of the action. Store items can be digital (soundtrack, posters, ticket print-outs) or physical (T-shirts, Blu-rays, DVDs). Keep track of orders and fulfilment in the fulfilment dashboard.
  • Connect one-on-one: Powerful things happen when you get to interact directly with your audience. Reward your subscribers or purchasers by hosting authentic discussions in the comments, or give them exclusive, insider access to cool stuff through our updates tool.
your film's page

Creating a page on Reelhouse

All good things begin here; - after you create an account, click ‘Create a film’ to start inputting your film details. Ensure you have 2 assets before you setting out to do this, (1) your film’s POSTER (220 x 326) and (2) a film TILE (600 x 338), which will be the image that appears on the homepage, and account page, outlined in red below. These assets will also appear on our media center apps and mobile versions of your film’s page:

Film Tile 1
Your film's tile on your profile page
Film Tile 2
Your film's tile on the home page

Your film tile should have title treatment in the middle, so that viewers can clearly understand the basics about the film without having to click / read too much into it. After you add your basic details, you can move on to ADDING A VIDEO, ADD AN IMAGE, SET UP YOUR STORE before you RELEASE YOUR FILM.

Sell a film from your existing website

Already have a website that you wish to sell from? Easy, simply create a Reelhouse account and upload your film + details, then embed our embeddable player onto your existing website (or Squarespace/Wordpress/Tumblr). Under Buy/Rent, choose your price and grab the purchase links to embed buy buttons on your website. Our player already has built in buy buttons, but if you’d like to add others for your bundles & store items we’ve got you covered with purchase links.

When viewers arrive at your site, they can watch your trailer, and purchase immediately from within that same player (in pre-play or post play state) - or the purchase links mentioned above. We then host a secure and quick checkout flow, for the user to instantly download and stream the film from your Reelhouse page. We also send them an email with a download link for their records. We provide 24/7 customer support and cover all hosting and serving costs of the digital delivery.

Film Website Embed
Website purchase flow
Website stream or download
Website streaming

The Embeddable Player

  • Video Player: Embed the Reelhouse player on any website or blog where your audience hangs out. Any video you share from your Reelhouse page will have a built-in BUY button on player, to make buying dead simple.
  • Website player embedded
  • Share it with the influencers: Be sure to give out your Reelhouse trailer link to press (other players have no direct buy links), so that when they write your raving review, viewers can purchase/pre-order your film right from that same site, off the player they just watched your trailer on! Check out how ‘Menthol’ worked with NoFilmSchool blog to spread the word for their film:
  • Nofilmschool partner
  • Social Player: Cutting through the noise in social media is tough. We’ve built the Reelhouse player to be social, so you can share it on Facebook and Twitter for BUY buttons to appear in pre-play and post-play states. Wherever someone shares or RT’s this player, viewers across those social networks will be able directly from whichever feed it appears on. Turn this chatter into real sales by embedding the Reelhouse player: this is how it looks:
  • Twitter embed pre-play
    Pre-play player state on a tweet
    Twitter embed post-play
    Post-play player on a tweet
  • Pre-orders: Same embeddable goodness goes for pre-orders. Turn all that early trailer hype into committed sales and set up pre orders.
  • Store: Sell soundtracks, digital downloads, DVD pre-orders - anything! from your store, and anywhere on the web. Simply add an item to your store and embed it on a website like Micah did here: (scroll down halfway).
Embedded store

Where to embed?

We’ve set you up with the tools to reach your audience directly, they’re out there, now go out and find them! Here are some tips on finding your online audience, and getting your film to them, directly through some positioning exercises.

Subject: Perhaps your film is about coffee farming in Ethiopia. Look up communities/forums/websites that have become destinations for coffee enthusiasts online. Send them a note about your film and why their audience would be interested in it. Get them to post your embeddable player on their Facebook, Twitter, blog and website - so their communities can watch your trailer and buy directly from the post.

Genre: Social Cause Documentary? LGBT Short? There’s websites out there that showcase specific genres & niches. Send a note out to a website/forum/online community relevant to your genre - and they might just embed your trailer on their website for their niche, eager audiences to buy easily - directly from the article. With our purchase friendly player, that audience will now be able to purchase the film right from that website.

Media Partner

Influencers: Have a cast with a large online following? Know someone on Twitter that’s an expert on your subject? Leverage these people by using their social media to embed the player directly on their Twitter/Facebook/blog feeds, for their fans to buy the film - directly from the creators!

Use promo codes to strike up affiliate deals to get influencers, media partners and bloggers extra motivated to plug your film.

Release Strategy

Fans today want to be engaged from the moment your film gets the green light. Let them in on your journey by keeping a presence on Reelhouse.

  • Trailers out early: Every video shared or embedded from your Reelhouse page has a BUY button in pre-play and post-play state powered by our embeddable player. Therefore, when you release your trailer on this player, buy buttons will automatically appear (on every player shared) the day you decide to sell the film later on. Get your trailer out early via the Reelhouse player to convert all that early hype into sales later on. Also, you can send out screening access codes to press, festivals, etc., through our special access codes.
  • Pre-order: Offer a discount on your film if fans pre-order your film. The Reelhouse player also has a pre-order button built into it to allow pre-ordering from wherever this player is shared or embedded. Buzz is big when you first release your trailer, so make sure it’s set for success with pre-orders turned on. Learn more about embedding your player here and setting up pre-orders here.
  • Get Updates: Encourage folks to ‘Get Updates’ from your film, for them to get direct emails whenever you post an update, and an automatic alert when you release your film. Get Updates is like a newsletter opt-in, when a user clicks ‘Get Updates’, you get their email address in list, in the settings sidebar. Grow your community early with our updates tool.
  • Get Updates
    Get Updates 2


We encourage multiple purchase options for a fan to choose from. Having both basic Buy & Rent offers should match the prices wherever else the film is being sold (if your film is also on iTunes, Amazon, etc.). However since this is where you loyal fans will visiting, we also recommend offering bundles of film + extras/soundtrack/DVD/etc. to boost revenue, and offer something a fan can’t get anywhere else.

  • 65% of films sold on Reelhouse are priced between $9 - $12
  • 36% of films rented on Reelhouse are priced at 6$