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For now, I'll just say that I am an old crone in a cabin in rural Maine. I only just found Reel House through the Honor the Treaties Project and have not yet familiarized myself with the site.

Inspired by…

  • I am inspired by authenticity, truth telling and full-tilt fighting for justice.

Favorite Genres

  • I am interested in too many things to list, but despise and have no patience for horror, ignorant quasi-military-wannabe crap and celebrity-oriented fan manure. I appreciate clarity of thought and presentation, good writing and art/photography/filming, and overall excellence in almost any genre.

Favorite Films

  • As soon as I was alone 15 years ago, I gave away my TV. I have access to hulu and 60+ DVDs on hand, but never get around to using them, even the ones I really want to see. Not sure why, but it's becoming a problem with some crossword puzzle clues.