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Portugal & Madagascar
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'Dock6 Films' comes from the heart and mind of two best friends that decided to change things a bit. Two friends that decided to go somewhere they've never been before and take a camera along for the ride. 'Dock6 Films' is an idea nothing more nothing less. It's not here to aim to please everyone or to try to be accessible to all and it isn't here to be a cliché about keeping it real. We are not here to draw lines in sand; it's not about who's the best, or who has more views, or who has the best cameras… We couldn't care less about any of those things. We're not here to argue about trivialities, life is too short for that.

Inspired by…

  • We’re inspired by everyday life, by the unsung heroes of our world. We’re inspired by the amount of stories that some people have gone through and how it shaped the world they live in right now. We’re inspired by the ones that challenge the status quo and built their career from there. We’re inspired by names like Renan Ozturk, Anson Fogel, Tim Kemple from Camp4 Collective and Dave Mossop, Eric Crosland, JP Auclair and Leo Hoorn from Sherpas Cinema, they redefined what’s possible in the genre.

Favorite Genres

  • Documentary, Adventure, Travel

Favorite Films

  • Into the Mind