Abdullah Yahia

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Cardiff, South Wales. UK.
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21 Year old Freelance Photographer from Cardiff. I got into film, while I was studying Art/ Fashion and Art Media in College. I run a brand called dLA Clothing Co. Which will make its debut in March 2013. Stuff you don't need to know: I'm starting a collection of Vinyl Toys, I make beats in my spare time, I'm a bedroom disc-jockey, I like coffee, I chain-smoke, I hold my opinion, I have a few of O.C.Ds, I should clean my Car more often. Also I High School drop out, who would have thought?

Inspired by…

  • The people who support me in what I do... I'm inspired by my drive, no matter how lazy I get (sometimes), I want to do better.

Favorite Genres

  • I like them all, I'm open to whatever is put in front of me, I'll make my opinion if I dis-like it.

Favorite Films

  • Too lazy to type them all out, but I'll give you three that stand out for me and they are. The Shinning, The Colour Purple and the Star Wars saga.