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Pow Hunters

  1. AZADI:Freedom


    b4apres Media's debut film, “AZADI: Freedom”, is a cultural documentary as seen through the eyes of skiers. Set in the disputed region of Kashmir, an area deemed the “most dangerous place in the world...

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  2. Deeper Than Snow

    Deeper Than Snow

    Follow Jake Cornish as he returns to Switzerland to explore what happened when he was buried in an avalanche which nearly cost him his life.

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  3. Fernweh


    Fernweh is short film about a hand full of guys, with the same desires, becoming friends, making an adventure, being passionate and most importantly; enjoying every moment of being in the mountains.

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  4. Jalpak Tash- A Kyrgyzstan Epic

    Jalpak Tash- A Kyrgyzstan Epic

    Kyrgyzstan is a place many have no idea about, and before The North Face athletes Leah Evans, Izzy Lynch and Mike Hopkins arrived to ski in the Tien Shan mountains, neither did they. In a country that...

  5. Domestic Playground

    Domestic Playground

    An adventure inside the Norwegian border.

  6. Ticking Bomb

    Ticking Bomb

    Ticking Bomb, a low budget adventure!

  7. Tamashii


    Overwhelmed with the hyper-connectivity of the modern world, a group of friends embark on a journey to Japan in search of snow and good times – a quest to find and experience the ever-fabled “moment"

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  8. Another day in Paradise

    Another day in Paradise

    Winter 2011 we had no budget at all to create a professional ski movie. So we decided to stay at home in Austria and will film just around our home places. And for the first time I did the edit for th...

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  9. Downside Up, T'es pas bien la?

    Downside Up, T'es pas bien la?

    2 Versions: FR / EN Subtitles version below / 34min We join skier and mountain guide, Vivian Bruchez, on several steep adventures in a winter ...

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  10. Random Bastards - Blue Balls

    Random Bastards - Blue Balls

    The eleventh Random Bastards snowboard film!

  11. Random Bastards - Daggers

    Random Bastards - Daggers

    The thirteenth Random Bastards snowboard film! @RandomBastards #RandomBastards

  12. Up and Down

    Up and Down

    Together with Greenhorn Films, Matthias Mayr, Matthias Haunholder and Sascha Schmid, professional Freeskiers from Austria and Switzerland produced this movie which comes up with a lot of interesting i...

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  13. Random Bastards - Tentacle

    Random Bastards - Tentacle

    The tenth Random Bastards snowboard film!