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  1. You and Me

    You and Me

    Active and life loving David ‘Barney’ Miller was a passenger in a tragic car accident that left him a quadriplegic, unable to use his arms and legs ever again.

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  2. Run In Run

    Run In Run

    Découvrez l'île de la Réunion différemment, au rythme des meilleurs raideurs locaux. Come and follow the best trail-runners through amazing tropical landscapes of Reunion volcanic island.

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  3. The Montane Spine Race Film

    The Montane Spine Race Film

    A Great British Adventure. The Spine Race, referred to as, "Britain's Most Brutal Race", covers the 268miles of The Pennine Way, and held each year in the midst of winter. A test of endurance, cour...

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  4. PlantPure Nation

    PlantPure Nation

    The Truth is a stubborn thing. It doesn't go away.

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  5. To Where God Dwells

    To Where God Dwells

    A catholic priest sets out to walk 8700 miles from his home in Liechtenstein to Jerusalem and back.

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  6. Encordades


    A look at the role of women in sport and society, from the forties to our days. Catalan Mountaineering different times we approach their passion for the mountains.

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  7. Juggle & Cut

    Juggle & Cut

    In the autumn of 1998, a profound tragedy echoed through a small Michigan farming community and twisted the well layed plans of a young prodigy in harrowing and inspiring ways.

  8. Memories of my People (Au Nom des Miens)

    Memories of my People (Au Nom des Miens)

    Since she came back on skis in 2012, Marie Martinod had one goal : The Olympic games. A dream that comes true for the 29 years old mum when she’s back home from Sochi with the Silver medal around her...

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  9. The Freedom Chair

    The Freedom Chair

    On March 8, 2004 aspiring freeskier and coach, Josh Dueck, awoke from a ski crash to realize life would never be the same. Paralyzed from the waist down, josh made a decision to make the best of a ho...

  10. The Ingenuous Choice - Mountain Running with Anton Krupicka

    The Ingenuous Choice - Mountain Running with Anton Krupicka

    The Ingenuous Choice features mountain runner Anton Krupicka exploring the wilderness of the mountains, racing 100 miles and reflecting on what makes mountain running essential to him.

  11. MATT


    He was given just a 5% chance & he ran with it. A film about the power of never giving up.

  12. The Runners

    The Runners

    Pounding the tarmac through the seasons, a band of runners are brazenly challenged with intimate questions as they pace their routes.

  13. Warbird Pilot: Behind the Visor

    Warbird Pilot: Behind the Visor

    Some people see pilots as fearless, confident, arrogant, but they are no different than you or me, just willing to put it all on the line to keep our warbirds legacy alive at their own personal sacri...

  14. The Art of Fighting

    The Art of Fighting

    In 1999 Hussain Sadiqi fled the remote mountains of central Afghanistan as the Taliban stepped up their violent persecution of the Hazara people. This was to be the start of Hussain’s epic 20,000km j...

  15. Dusty + Buddy

    Dusty + Buddy

    Dusty came up in the tough streets of Southeast DC, kept on the straight and narrow by the love of a father who didn’t want him to repeat the mistakes he had.



    ‘Overview’ is a short film that explores this phenomenon through interviews with five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect.



    An stunning Visual insight into the mind and world of renowned Surfing Cinematographer Mickey Smith.

  18. Caine's Arcade

    Caine's Arcade

    I went to buy a door handle for my car, and met this 9 year old boy, who had spent his summer building this elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad's used auto part store.