Playlists The Best of the Fests

The Best of the Fests

  1. Down The Line

    Down The Line

    A handful of dedicated Vancouverites are bringing a new sport to their local mountains, a sport that has always been linked exclusively to Utah and the Alps: Canyoneering. Against all expectations, th...

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  2. As The Crow Flies

    As The Crow Flies

    Land's End to John O'Groats in a Straight Line - A beautiful cinematic film following this unique and compelling journey.

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  3. DamNation


    Patagonia presents a documentary that reveals the ecological cost of two centuries of American dam building, from degraded waterways to the loss of wildlife habitat.

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  4. Among Giants

    Among Giants

    Risking injury and incarceration, an environmental activist disrupts the clear-cutting of an ancient redwood grove by sitting on a tiny platform a hundred feet up in the tree canopy. Already three yea...

  5. Men who wanted to climb a mountain over

    Men who wanted to climb a mountain over

    "Men who wanted to climb a mountain over 8.000 meters". This is the story of Raul and Pere, a mountaineer and filmmaker united by a common dream: to climb for the first time a mountain higher than...

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  6. The Old, the Young  & the Sea

    The Old, the Young & the Sea

    A documentary about the people who inhabit, travel, protect and surf the European shores.

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  7. Tierra de Patagones

    Tierra de Patagones

    Gauchos del Mar´s second film - TIERRA DE PATAGONES. A surf exploration through the Patagonian coastline and cultures.

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  8. The Never Melting Story

    The Never Melting Story

    Two men that had never met before, decided to undertake a contemplative skiing adventure together in the country that never melts in Canada's Arctic.

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  9. I Believe I Can Fly

    I Believe I Can Fly

    I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies) is an amazing journey into the unknown.

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  10. Monkey See Monkey Do

    Monkey See Monkey Do

    A collection of four films featuring world class climbing from the UK, Canada and Madagascar.

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  11. Panaroma


    In 2014, Edu Marín took on the most challenging project of his life: climbing “Panaroma”, the legendary route freed by Alex Huber in 2007, with his 62 year-old father, Francisco Marín “Novato”.

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  12. The Eyes of God

    The Eyes of God

    The Eyes of God - a kayaking adventure to Kyrgyzstan. 33 year old Tomass Marnics from Latvia has put together a team of the world’s best extreme kayakers. Together they plan to descend the legendary...

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