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Worldly Documentaries

  1. Snows of the Nile

    Snows of the Nile

    Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains rise 5000m from the heart of Africa. At their summits, are some of Earth’s only equatorial glaciers. Two scientists embark on an epic adventure to document these glaciers ...

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  2. The Hand of Franklin

    The Hand of Franklin

    An adventure film about the tightening grip of climate change in the Arctic

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  3. Kitturiaq


    Forging a new route through an ancient land.

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  4. American Loneliness

    American Loneliness

    American Loneliness tells the story of filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay's solitary journey into one of the most attractive areas on the planet : the American West. His journey consisted of a six week adventur...

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  5. Wild Child

    Wild Child

    The Adventure to becoming Naked and Afraid

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  6. Planeta Blanc (White Planet)

    Planeta Blanc (White Planet)

    A feature documentary about the first handicapped expedition to conquer the South Pole following in the last steps of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton 100 years after.

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  7. Vertical Sailing Greenland

    Vertical Sailing Greenland

    This film follows a skilled team of four climbers (Nicolas, Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto, Sean Villanueva) and Scottish Reverend Captain Bob Shepton on a Climbing- sailing expedition to the West Coast ...

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  8. Among Giants

    Among Giants

    Risking injury and incarceration, an environmental activist disrupts the clear-cutting of an ancient redwood grove by sitting on a tiny platform a hundred feet up in the tree canopy. Already three yea...

  9. Rannoch Moor Canoe Crossing

    Rannoch Moor Canoe Crossing

    Crossing Rannoch Moor by canoe is a classic British canoe journey, paddling, portaging, sailing and lining across Scotland's rugged & beautiful wilderness. For the inexperienced filmmaker, it's a bap...

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  10. Return of the River

    Return of the River

    Changing course is possible

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  11. La Délicatesse du Poil

    La Délicatesse du Poil

    During one month a diverse crew went out to explore new bouldering areas in Namibia, which is still largely unexplored with regard to climbing. Despite wildlife, mines, sand dunes and other classic a...

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  12. We are Salmon Junkies!

    We are Salmon Junkies!

    . For some, the Atlantic salmon is an object of obsession whose draw is so complete as to haunt every waking thought and fantasy. These most avid and passionate anglers are called “salmon junkies.”

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  13. The Caravan Film

    The Caravan Film

    An inside look aboard The Caravan where adventurers grapple with route-finding, mother nature and group dynamics in an epic horse-drawn experience across America. Winner: NYC, Arizona, Florida, Amste...

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  14. River of Bears

    River of Bears

    Journey to Alaska's McNeil River, home of the largest congregation of brown bears on the planet.

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  15. Alaskan Moose: A Journey With Giants

    Alaskan Moose: A Journey With Giants

    An up-close look at one of Alaska's largest and most interesting creatures.

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  16. As The Crow Flies

    As The Crow Flies

    Land's End to John O'Groats in a Straight Line - A beautiful cinematic film following this unique and compelling journey.

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  17. Tierra del Fuego

    Tierra del Fuego

    An attempt to complete a world-first kayaking trip 1000 miles around Isla Grande in Patagonia. Shipping delays, a stolen kayak and storm force winds challenge the team.

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  18. Tasmania Circumnavigation

    Tasmania Circumnavigation

    3 young women set out to kayak 850 miles around the stormy Tasmania coastline. In this warts-and-all documentary, award winning filmmaker Curgenven gives a real insight into the highs & lows of a cha...

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