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Pedal Powered Adventures

  1. Beulah


    An unsupported cycle trip to explore the Cape Wrath track at the most north-westerly part of Scotland. Expect fully loaded bikes and a steady flow of single malt…

  2. Race to the Rock: The documentary

    Race to the Rock: The documentary

    The 2016 Race to the Rock was the inaugural edition of a 2,300 kilometre self-supported race from Adelaide to Uluru in the dusty heart of the Australian outback.

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  3. Aspirations Of The Pamirs

    Aspirations Of The Pamirs

    Three friends endeavour an exploration of the Pamir mountains on bamboo bikes made by French crafstmen. On their way, they climb peaks up to 6,000m and communities trying to save a threatened know-ho...

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  4. Mountain Bike Out of The Box - IRAN

    Mountain Bike Out of The Box - IRAN

    For most of us, this country stands for the axis of evil, religious fundamentalists, and the fear of the nuclear program, but a small band of intrepid mountain bikers presents a very different perspe...

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  5. Trailnotes


    Trail Notes is a collection of stories capturing the lifestyles of passionate mountainbikers from the Southern Hemisphere Mecca of Rotorua New Zealand and the infamous trails of the Whakarewarewa for...

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  6. Be the Trail

    Be the Trail

    To truly ride the must BE the trail!

  7. Struggle, Spokes and Summits

    Struggle, Spokes and Summits

    The story of two riders as they prepare and take on the Coast to Coast in a day sportive.



    BÖIKZMÖIND is a 30 minute documentary film about riding fixed gear bikes in beautiful Bristol. The film shows the diverse cross section of riders and asks why ride bikes with no gears in a city full o...

  9. The Last Kilometer (L'ultimo Chilometro)

    The Last Kilometer (L'ultimo Chilometro)

    Money, business, doping scandals and lack of epic and new champions: are we watching The Last Kilometer for cycling? A film totally dedicated to a passion, an emotion, a sport: cycling. 52'

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    Via some key cycling personalities, this short movie develops ideas surrounding the fixed gear scene and biking community of Montreal. The viewer is introduced to various characters from the Montreal ...

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  11. 48 Tornanti di Notte

    48 Tornanti di Notte

    The impressive and fascinating story of Giuliano Calore, 77 year-old italian cyclist who descended the Stelvio at night with no bars or brakes

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  12. VENTO. Italy by bike along the river Po

    VENTO. Italy by bike along the river Po

    The project of a bike path from Turin to Venice, five cyclists, 700 kms, a wonderful bike trip in northern Italy. A new perspective on a piece of Italy, a road movie on two wheels.

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