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Intense Climbing Journeys



    The World’s Best Bouldering in Rocklands, South Africa

  2. Wide Boyz

    Wide Boyz

    Off-width crack climbing with 'Wide Boyz' Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker.

    $6.00 Rent
  3. Panaroma


    In 2014, Edu Marín took on the most challenging project of his life: climbing “Panaroma”, the legendary route freed by Alex Huber in 2007, with his 62 year-old father, Francisco Marín “Novato”.

    $5.00 Rent
  4. Wide Boyz II

    Wide Boyz II

    'Wide Boyz' Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall head to Squamish to tackle Cobra Crack, one of the world's hardest crack climbs.

    $7.00 Rent
  5. Distilled


    Scottish Winter Climbing with Andy Cave. The spirit of the great mountains distilled into a Scottish day out.

    $7.00 Rent
  6. Monkey See Monkey Do

    Monkey See Monkey Do

    A collection of four films featuring world class climbing from the UK, Canada and Madagascar.

    $4.00 Rent
  7. E11


    E11 tells the story behind the first ascent of Rhapsody, a route considered to be the hardest traditional rock climb in the world.

    $8.00 Rent
  8. Vertical Sailing Greenland

    Vertical Sailing Greenland

    This film follows a skilled team of four climbers (Nicolas, Olivier Favresse, Ben Ditto, Sean Villanueva) and Scottish Reverend Captain Bob Shepton on a Climbing- sailing expedition to the West Coast ...

    $6.00 Rent
  9. Committed: Volume II

    Committed: Volume II

    Committed Volume II showcases five of Britain's best climbers on a spectacular array of hard routes

    $4.00 Rent
  10. Odyssey


    ‘Odyssey’ is a road movie that celebrates the best of British trad climbing.

    $5.00 Rent
  11. Africa Fusion

    Africa Fusion

    Alex Honnold and Hazel Findlay embark on a rock climbing odyssey of South Africa.

    $7.99 Rent
  12. The Pinnacle

    The Pinnacle

    Winter Climbing on Ben Nevis with Dave Macleod and Andy Tuner as they re-climb the routes climbed by Jimmy Marshall and Robin Smith exactly 50 years earlier.

    $4.00 Rent
  13. The Unknown

    The Unknown

    The Unknown follows Dave MacLeod as he makes a first ascent on the Isle of Mull, Scotland as he talks about his love for new routes and adventure.

  14. Practice of the Wild

    Practice of the Wild

    A short film following Scottish climber Dave MacLeod as he attempts to climb his first 8C boulder problem 'Practice of the Wild' in Magic Wood, Switzerland.

  15. Committed: Volume I

    Committed: Volume I

    A New Era of Hard Trad Climbing

    $8.00 Rent