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Beautiful Stories

Sit down with a warm beverage at let your emotions take care of the rest

    By Forest Woodward


    Versions: EN, FR, SP A mysterious character engages a combination of street artists and mountain alpinists for an unthinkable project located in the Oberland summits of Switzerland.

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  2. Udita (Arise)

    Udita (Arise)

    Documentary depicts five turbulent years in Bangladesh’s textile industry seen from the workers’ perspective. A proud and self-aware documentary that portrays the workers as human beings instead of v...

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  3. Wildman: My Search for Sasquatch

    Wildman: My Search for Sasquatch

    Filmmaker and adventurer Justin Chernipeski hunts for the Sasquatch in the remote Canadian wilderness.

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  4. Falsches Spiel

    Falsches Spiel

    In Lützelsau steht die 800-Jahr-Feier vor der Tür. Um den Auftritt auf dem Jubiläumsfest zu retten, beschließt Frank, die Dorfkapelle mit unkonventionellen Mitteln auf Vordermann zu bringen.

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  5. 6hours


    Think of true relationship with people

  6. PlantPure Nation

    PlantPure Nation

    The Truth is a stubborn thing. It doesn't go away.

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    Jacob is a hopeless Detroit romantic looking for love in the digital era.

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  8. Totally Free

    Totally Free

    Experience total freedom on eight wheels in San Francisco, a city where anything goes.

  9. Babes Ride Out - A Motorcycle Story

    Babes Ride Out - A Motorcycle Story

    These girls create an environment where women can come together to share their cross country journeys, triumphs, close calls and disasters on the bike.



    Set in the late 60's, broken relationships and an astronomical event intertwine the various narrative threads - an abstract interpretation of the historical Christmas narrative.

  11. MATT


    He was given just a 5% chance & he ran with it. A film about the power of never giving up.

  12. The Universe

    The Universe

    A young man takes his first leap into what it means to wonder and philosophize, as he imaginatively renders his unique thought experiences in visual form.

  13. Behind the move

    Behind the move

    A girl struggles moving her entire life to follow her dream.

  14. Dusty + Buddy

    Dusty + Buddy

    Dusty came up in the tough streets of Southeast DC, kept on the straight and narrow by the love of a father who didn’t want him to repeat the mistakes he had.

  15. Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

    Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

    When the chaotically misfortunate Jenkins and the monotonously lucky Lou run into each other, they find a thrilling and fulfilling change of pace as they hurtle down the hills of San Francisco in an ...

  16. Margo Lily

    Margo Lily

    A couple is determined to plant a tree in the middle of winter following the loss of their child.



    A French narrator jumps from one dramatic scene to another one, confused about the story that he is trying to tell and fighting with himself until he finally finds it.