Playlists Inspiration to Escape

Inspiration to Escape

  1. Full of Joy

    Full of Joy

    A VW surf van helps artist Jen Wolf heal from a traumatic childhood.

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  2. Travel Basecamp

    Travel Basecamp

    Basecamp is a reality documentary series about a bunch of friends travelling around the world seeking alternative experiences in popular travel destinations. Booking stereotypical resort packages for...

  3. The Quest for Inspiration

    The Quest for Inspiration

    The Quest for Inspiration is an immersion into the world of Alexandre Deschaumes evocative landscape photographer. The artist portrays the world landscapes with a dreamlike and artistic vision. This w...

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  4. Lost Island of the Firewalkers

    Lost Island of the Firewalkers

    Alison finds herself on a dangerous adventure deep into the intense Fijian past, a time of tribal wars, cannibals, and consequences, and learns the importance of family, living off the land, and the ...

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  5. Skip Work and Surf

    Skip Work and Surf

    It's a beautiful thing to ditch work, drive your Volkswagen to the beach, and spend the day surfing.

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  6. Bearded Vultures of the Alps

    Bearded Vultures of the Alps

    Take off with the mythical winged giant of the Alps, the Bearded Vulture. Only 30 years since the start of the bearded vulture reintroduction program, men and women struggle to keep this emblematic s...

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  7. Snaked!


    A Moroccan adventure

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  8. INCANtations


    “Finding the Secret to Saving the Planet” · PERUVIAN ANDES

  9. Big Fish Stories - Alaska

    Big Fish Stories - Alaska

    Note: This is not the english version of the film. Check here:

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  10. American Loneliness

    American Loneliness

    American Loneliness tells the story of filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay's solitary journey into one of the most attractive areas on the planet : the American West. His journey consisted of a six week adventur...

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  11. Blue Duck Station

    Blue Duck Station

    Step Outside your Comfort Zone

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  12. Down The Line

    Down The Line

    A handful of dedicated Vancouverites are bringing a new sport to their local mountains, a sport that has always been linked exclusively to Utah and the Alps: Canyoneering. Against all expectations, th...

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  13. We are Salmon Junkies!

    We are Salmon Junkies!

    . For some, the Atlantic salmon is an object of obsession whose draw is so complete as to haunt every waking thought and fantasy. These most avid and passionate anglers are called “salmon junkies.”

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