Playlists Inspiration to Escape

Inspiration to Escape

  1. Wild Owyhee

    Wild Owyhee

    Tucked away in southeastern Oregon is a gem of a wilderness. Ranchers and anglers, trail runners and climbers, hikers and campers who venture out here, it’s a place of beauty, solitude and ecologica...

  2. Type II Fun

    Type II Fun

    Climbing the Nose the sufferfest method

  3. Our Land - Traversing Oregon

    Our Land - Traversing Oregon

    A story of an overland journey across Oregon's highly varied public lands, to highlight the qualitative and quantitative value of such areas.

  4. Skip Work and Surf

    Skip Work and Surf

    It's a beautiful thing to ditch work, drive your Volkswagen to the beach, and spend the day surfing.

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  5. Les Eaux Blanches (The White Waters)

    Les Eaux Blanches (The White Waters)

    Iceland. 5 friends travel to this holy land of waterfalls to try and push their limits, always with the same questions in mind, “Why do we always feel like we have to throw ourselves down waterfalls?...

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  6. Full of Joy

    Full of Joy

    A VW surf van helps artist Jen Wolf heal from a traumatic childhood.

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  7. Alone on the River

    Alone on the River

    In the heart of the Himalayas, 5 world-class paddlers embark on a month long self-supported kayaking adventure. In this spectacularly harsh world of snow, rock and water, they’re faced with a myriad ...

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  8. High Atlas Kayaking

    High Atlas Kayaking

    Explore the mountains of Morocco searching for new rivers. Blessed by exceptional water levels the team spent two weeks of incredible adventures between friends under the african sun among the incred...

  9. On The Water - We Are Not Ready

    On The Water - We Are Not Ready

    This summer french paddlers Stephane Pion - Mathieu Coldebella - Louis Hétier - Guillaume Fievez and Hugo Clouzeau will be exploring the rivers of Iceland.

  10. Go Fast. Go North.

    Go Fast. Go North.

    750 miles. No motors. No support teams. First boat to finish wins $10,000, second wins some steak knives. This isn't your typical yacht race - It's America's Cup for Dirtbags.

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  11. DugOut


    Two friends travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon, live with an indigenous community, learn from them how to build a canoe, then take that canoe on a journey…

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  12. PULL


    “Dogsledding lives at the intersection of skill and chaos…” PULL is a short documentary film that delves into reflections on journeying the cold Northern Canadian landscape by dog sled.

  13. DreamRide 2

    DreamRide 2

    Dive into another adventure to explore the depths of imagination atop two wheels... Welcome to DreamRide 2!

  14. The Quest for Inspiration

    The Quest for Inspiration

    The Quest for Inspiration is an immersion into the world of Alexandre Deschaumes evocative landscape photographer. The artist portrays the world landscapes with a dreamlike and artistic vision. This w...

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