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Let these bold and daring adventures inspire you

  1. Grit Flick

    Grit Flick

    This superb collection of short films features the highlights from one of the best gritstone seasons ever(!), watch the big grades and the climbers tumble. Filmed and produced by award-winning filmma...

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  2. Vahine I Te Moana "Girl In The Sea"

    Vahine I Te Moana "Girl In The Sea"

    Vahine I Te Moana follows Tahitian professional windsurfer Mathilde Zampieri, the youngest female competitor in the world of windsurfing.

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  3. Bonington Mountaineer

    Bonington Mountaineer

    An 80 minute documentary film on the life of one of the worlds most famous mountaineer -Chris Bonington. From his early rock climbing days to first ascents in the Alps and expedition to Everest...

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  4. Go Fast. Go North.

    Go Fast. Go North.

    750 miles. No motors. No support teams. First boat to finish wins $10,000, second wins some steak knives. This isn't your typical yacht race - It's America's Cup for Dirtbags.

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  5. Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk

    Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk

    3 Tuk Tuk, 3 Teams, 11 travelers, 18 days of travel, more than 2500 km across southern Ethiopia to be the first in the history to reach the Omo river on three wheelers.

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  6. Wild Ones

    Wild Ones

    A wilderness rock doc

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  7. Return of the River

    Return of the River

    Changing course is possible

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  8. The Hand of Franklin

    The Hand of Franklin

    An adventure film about the tightening grip of climate change in the Arctic

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  9. Run In Run

    Run In Run

    Come and follow the best trail-runners through amazing tropical landscapes of Reunion volcanic island / Découvrez l'île de la Réunion différemment, au rythme des meilleurs raideurs locaux.

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  10. Changing Landscapes Bolivia

    Changing Landscapes Bolivia

    Two buddies, two bikes, a bit of salt, wild pigs, coca leaves and lots of volcanoes.....not a bad start!

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  11. The Montane Spine Race Film

    The Montane Spine Race Film

    A Great British Adventure. The Spine Race, referred to as, "Britain's Most Brutal Race", covers the 268miles of The Pennine Way, and held each year in the midst of winter. A test of endurance, cour...

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  12. The Old, the Young  & the Sea

    The Old, the Young & the Sea

    A documentary about the people who inhabit, travel, protect and surf the European shores.

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  13. Down The Line

    Down The Line

    A handful of dedicated Vancouverites are bringing a new sport to their local mountains, a sport that has always been linked exclusively to Utah and the Alps: Canyoneering. Against all expectations, th...

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  14. Transition


    Transition follows Natalie Berry as she makes the move from indoor climbing to trad, winter and mountaineering. Acting as mentor is Dave MacLeod, one of the UK's most accomplished all round climbers.

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  15. The Caravan Film

    The Caravan Film

    An inside look aboard The Caravan where adventurers grapple with route-finding, mother nature and group dynamics in an epic horse-drawn experience across America. Winner: NYC, Arizona, Florida, Amste...

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  16. Men who wanted to climb a mountain over

    Men who wanted to climb a mountain over

    "Men who wanted to climb a mountain over 8.000 meters". This is the story of Raul and Pere, a mountaineer and filmmaker united by a common dream: to climb for the first time a mountain higher than...

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  17. A Portrait of Orozbek

    A Portrait of Orozbek

    --- 50% Proceeds to Murghab Eco-tourism Association --- The story of one man's life as a hunter and herder living in the remote Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan near the Afghan border.

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  18. Petit Bus Rouge

    Petit Bus Rouge

    Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Frenchie's Flying Circus is about to begin!

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