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Movies to make your palms sweat

  1. Beyond - An African Surf Documentary

    Beyond - An African Surf Documentary

    Beyond - An African Surf Documentary follows locals along the coast of Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia into their homes, visits their home surf spots and takes a look into the...

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  2. #RunForDaddy


    Sylvaine CUSSOT, Sissi, (Team ASICS Trail) french trail-runner athlete took the start on 2016/12/03 of the 63rd SaintéLyon (France). A crazy night dedicated to her sick dad. A gift from a daughter t...

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  3. New Dimensions

    New Dimensions

    New dimensions, new climbing.

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  4. There Will Be Baseball

    There Will Be Baseball

    A thoughtful examination of the oldest amateur baseball league in the country: the Peoria Sunday Morning League. This elaborate documentary looks at the 100-year history and famous alumni of this his...

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  5. The Jetfighters in Australia

    The Jetfighters in Australia

    For the very first time, Australia is welcoming a trial of the Jetski Freeride World Championship.

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  6. The Montane Spine Race Film

    The Montane Spine Race Film

    A Great British Adventure. The Spine Race, referred to as, "Britain's Most Brutal Race", covers the 268miles of The Pennine Way, and held each year in the midst of winter. A test of endurance, cour...

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  7. Down The Line

    Down The Line

    A handful of dedicated Vancouverites are bringing a new sport to their local mountains, a sport that has always been linked exclusively to Utah and the Alps: Canyoneering. Against all expectations, th...

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  8. Transition


    Transition follows Natalie Berry as she makes the move from indoor climbing to trad, winter and mountaineering. Acting as mentor is Dave MacLeod, one of the UK's most accomplished all round climbers.

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  9. Reach Your Limits

    Reach Your Limits

    One of the best Bulgarian mountain runners - Kiril Nikolov Disl,attempted to set a new record, to run through the longest Bulgarian mountain route 600 km,in less than 5 days.The adventure pushes him ...

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  10. The Windsurfing Movie

    The Windsurfing Movie

    Quite simply the best Windsurfing documentary ever made.

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  11. Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith

    Rejected as a teenager, a soccer player is determined to prove he has what it takes to play professionally.



    Tout grimpeur a déjà gravi une voie Piola, mais trop peu de gens peuvent témoigner du travail colossal qu'il réalise...

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  13. Out of Sight II

    Out of Sight II

    Fontainebleau is one of the most popular climbing destination on the planet, with thousands of boulders spread over hundreds of areas.

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  14. Shoshala


    Last year (2010), during a bouldering trip, Elie Chevieux found a big wall in Baspa Valley. He decided to go back this year with Giovanni Quirici and Yannick Boissenot to open a new route on this virg...

  15. As The Crow Flies

    As The Crow Flies

    Land's End to John O'Groats in a Straight Line - A beautiful cinematic film following this unique and compelling journey.

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  16. Redemption: The James Pearson Story

    Redemption: The James Pearson Story

    NB. To download the other films in the bundle click the links below, after it says "Includes 12 videos:" OR hit the 'Hot Aches Productions' link at the bottom of the page.

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  17. The Flying Frenchies-Back to the Fjords!

    The Flying Frenchies-Back to the Fjords!

    The Flying Frenchies are back, with more fantastical stunts and enthralling adventures!

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