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  1. Sons of the wind

    Sons of the wind

    This film is a landmark in gypsy jazz with its portraits of artists freely perpetuating the venerable legacy of Django Reinhardt.

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  2. Boulevard: Live From Gastown

    Boulevard: Live From Gastown

    Captured live on February 27th 2015 at Vancouver’s legendary Warehouse studio; 'Live from Gastown' is an intimate performance by Boulevard following their 25 year hiatus.

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  3. The Essence of Kirsi Ranto ~ Deepthi

    The Essence of Kirsi Ranto ~ Deepthi

    I am so excited to share this special project with you. It is something that is very dear to my heart, and has been one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. About 7 months ago, Kir...

  4. Romantic Warriors IV - Krautrock Part 1

    Romantic Warriors IV - Krautrock Part 1

    Romantic Warriors IV – Krautrock (Part 1) covers the origins, Zeitgeist, and trajectory of the pioneering 70s German Krautrock bands from the Düsseldorf and Cologne region. Subtitles in English & Fre...

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  5. Old Time Mandolin

    Old Time Mandolin

    Whats this?

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  6. Hark the Glad Sound 2018

    Hark the Glad Sound 2018

    Recorded at Knox United Church Sunday Dec 16, 2018 Directed by Elaine Quilichini

  7. ShinGig


    Palisades Music School's Third Annual Simply Music Kids Performance

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  8. Hark the Glad Sound 2019

    Hark the Glad Sound 2019

    Join us for a beautiful concert featuring all ages of the Calgary Girls Choir (Dolce, Viva and Brava).

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  9. Green Couch Sessions

    Green Couch Sessions

    It all began when we saw a stunning vintage Green Couch by a dumpster in an alley on our way to breakfast.

  10. On a Sunday - Live in Berlin

    On a Sunday - Live in Berlin

    On a Sunday live in Berlin (20.11.2015)

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  11. Portraits of Colorado

    Portraits of Colorado

    Grammy Nominated for "Best Music Film" Richly performed by the respected Colorado Symphony and Chorus and conducted by Scott O’Neil, "Portraits of Colorado" is what Colorado sounds like.

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  12. Pig's Wedding

    Pig's Wedding

    Techno-girly-trash clip for [striknin]. A little girl is in love with a dog, but they gonna have some trouble on the way to the wedding. Directed in Port-Saint -Louis du Rhône with the pleasant contr...

  13. The RockTronix - Magnificent Obsession

    The RockTronix - Magnificent Obsession

    What's Your Obsession?

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  14. Show 29jan_19h (Frédéric_Mtl_Gr.18h30)

    Show 29jan_19h (Frédéric_Mtl_Gr.18h30)

    Spectacle de chant du 29 janvier 2017 à 19h00 Avec les groupe de Frédéric, 18h30 de Montréal

  15. Calgary Girls Choir 20th Anniversary

    Calgary Girls Choir 20th Anniversary

    Experience the artistry and splendor of the Calgary Girls Choir in this once-in-a-lifetime 20th anniversary performance. Features the debut performance of the Calgary Girls Alumni Choir.

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  16. Superfamily - Pay the Price

    Superfamily - Pay the Price

    "Pay the Price" is the first single from award-winning Superfamily's upcoming album! The video is shot in Oslo, Norway. Behind the scenes, Superfamily had to battle with the police, Swedes and men att...

  17. Welcome To The Outside

    Welcome To The Outside

    Join us for a visual and musical journey to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Yosemite National Park; where we immerse ourselves in nature´s magic through music, outdoor exploration, and conn...

  18. The Sambla Baan

    The Sambla Baan

    An in-progress documentary collaboration between visual anthropologist Lorenzo Ferrarini and ethnomusicologist Nicola Scaldaferri about the amazing xylophone music of the Sambla people of Burkina Fas...