Genres Horror


  1. The Dark Shack

    The Dark Shack

    She's captive at a shack deep in the forest menaced by two criminals and a demonic entity

    $3.00 Rent
  2. RED TRAIL 90

    RED TRAIL 90

    A troubled yet loving family man on a solo adventure deep in the wilderness has a gruesome accident and is the only witness to an unspeakable horror that forces him to fight for his life against a my...

    $4.25 Rent
  3. So Dark The Series

    So Dark The Series

    A supernatural horror/thriller surrounding a Vampire "with a code" who hunts and feeds on only those that have escaped justice.

  4. BINGE


    After making the conscious decision to go sober, an alcoholic's buried past is uncovered.

    $1.99 Rent
  5. Absolute Zero (2015)

    Absolute Zero (2015)

    This world runs on one thing.. survival of the fittest.

    $5.00 Rent
  6. Brackish


    " If you could bring her back, would you? "

    $2.99 Rent
  7. Thinking speed

    Thinking speed

    A Reader becomes trapped in an evolving autobiography of an executed killer.

    $1.99 Rent
  8. Death By Tights

    Death By Tights

    They're zipped up. And ready to kill.

    $2.99 Rent
  9. Chloe and Attie

    Chloe and Attie

    Chloe and Attie is based on a grim short about a woman who cares for her infirmed friend, ensuring her injections come at just the right time, setting herself aside for the sake of caring for another...



    No More Clowning Around.

    $4.99 Rent
  11. The Killing Joke

    The Killing Joke

    A Short Film by Sebastian Lopez The Killing Joke is a 15 minute suspense/fiction short film about a mysterious woman that finds a red balloon tied up to a curious little box on an eery derelict stree...

  12. DEAD M3N

    DEAD M3N

    Full Description coming. Here are three trailers for a zombie series we will be filming later this year.

  13. 7th Day

    7th Day

    Hi, I'm Allen... and this is what I do.

    $1.99 Rent
  14. The Last Witch

    The Last Witch

    Three young friends will start a adventure to the darkest places when they discover a conection with a old story (True events) about a witch.

    $3.61 Buy
  15. The Trailer - Director's Cut

    The Trailer - Director's Cut

    Two brothers...One ambition...& Six dead bodies. This is a Full Length Feature Film.

    $3.99 Rent
  16. Darkling


    Evil can see you in the dark

    $1.99 Rent

    After school young Tristan watches seven tales of terror on his favorite horror website, ""

    $1.00 Rent
  18. Bloody Mary Possession

    Bloody Mary Possession

    You won't always like what you see in the mirror...

    $3.00 Rent