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  1. Fasting


    Fasting is more powerful than any drug on Earth.

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  2. Redemption: The James Pearson Story

    Redemption: The James Pearson Story

    NB. To download the other films in the bundle click the links below, after it says "Includes 12 videos:" OR hit the 'Hot Aches Productions' link at the bottom of the page.

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  3. The Flying Frenchies-Back to the Fjords!

    The Flying Frenchies-Back to the Fjords!

    The Flying Frenchies are back, with more fantastical stunts and enthralling adventures!

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  4. Petit Bus Rouge

    Petit Bus Rouge

    Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Frenchie's Flying Circus is about to begin!

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  5. Time Remembered

    Time Remembered

    A concise 90-minute documentary film about jazz pianist Bill Evans – the person and the musician based on interviews and research conducted by Bruce Spiegel

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  6. Between Home

    Between Home

    Artist and amateur sailor, Nick Jaffe, has been living in Berlin and has decided to take the long way home to Australia. Some call it brave, others think it’s crazy, but Nick decides to sail solo from...

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  7. Urban Outlaw

    Urban Outlaw

    URBAN OUTLAW is a portrait of Magnus Walker, the rebel Porsche customizer who turned a hobby into an obsession, and an obsession into a successful business. From a workshop in downtown Los Angeles, Ma...

  8. PlantPure Nation

    PlantPure Nation

    The Truth is a stubborn thing. It doesn't go away.

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  9. Downside Up, T'es pas bien la?

    Downside Up, T'es pas bien la?

    2 Versions: FR / EN Subtitles version below / 34min We join skier and mountain guide, Vivian Bruchez, on several steep adventures in a winter ...

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  10. Blocheads


    An all action cinematic spectacular, reveling in the UK’s golden age of bouldering.

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  11. Only the River Knows

    Only the River Knows

    Only the River Knows is a brand new, 84-minute fly fishing film shot in New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Sweden. A mix of fiction and documentary, the film reflects man's tendency to mistake dream f...

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  12. I Believe I Can Fly

    I Believe I Can Fly

    I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies) is an amazing journey into the unknown.

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  13. Langtang in English

    Langtang in English

    The story of a journey to the heart of Nepal

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  14. Heads Up

    Heads Up

    The Disappearing Art of Vaginal Breech Delivery

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  15. Langtang en Français

    Langtang en Français

    Le récit d’un voyage au cœur du Népal et un hommage à l'espérance.

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  16. Barolo Boys. The Story of a Revolution

    Barolo Boys. The Story of a Revolution

    The story of a group of friends, the rebel boys who made Barolo become one of the best wines in the world, filmed in the marvellous scenery of Langhe hills, Italy. 64' - with english/spanish subs.

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  17. Transition


    Transition follows Natalie Berry as she makes the move from indoor climbing to trad, winter and mountaineering. Acting as mentor is Dave MacLeod, one of the UK's most accomplished all round climbers.

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  18. Slave To The Grind

    Slave To The Grind

    Grindcore is the world fastest and most aggressive music. Originally fuelled by Punk Rock’s leftist politics, Grindcore’s intense growth over the past 35 years is documented for the first time with ...

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