Genres Comedy




    Two kids run away from their home village to become actors in the big city! The film is about their epic journey and the adventures they go through before arriving to their final destination: Hollywoo...

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    A shy struggling 27 year old aspiring actor is dragged into the wild world of male stripping by his egotestical brother Jackhammer.

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  3. Twyse and Family (The Movie)

    Twyse and Family (The Movie)

    A situational comedy following the typical daily life of the popular family...

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  4. The Seventeenth Kind

    The Seventeenth Kind

    'The Seventeenth Kind' is a dark comedy with a sci fi edge.

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  5. Outo homo

    Outo homo

    Rääväsuinen stand up -koomikko Juuso Kekkonen kertoo palkitussa show'ssaan, kuinka heteromies löysi itsensä parisuhteesta toisen miehen kanssa.

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  6. Kythera mon Amour

    Kythera mon Amour

    A multi-genre island comedy-drama which explores the motivation to emigrate – both in the past and the present – from the paradise which is Kythera.

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  7. Ο ξεναγός

    Ο ξεναγός

    Μια κωμωδία για την Αθήνα. Μια κομεντί για την σεξουαλικότητα.

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  8. Chingpow : Far East Yardies

    Chingpow : Far East Yardies

    A Whorehouse Bouncer Discovers he is the Rightful Ruler.

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  9. Full Disclosure

    Full Disclosure

    Everett reveals all his flaws on the first date. But women don't seem to respond, until he meets Brinn, who is up for his game and willing to try Full Disclosure.

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  10. Jammed


    Rachel and her boyfriend Evan attend a jam band festival to document an up-and-coming band, The Epic Concept. When Rachel's gear gets stolen, Evan's on a mission to find the missing camera.

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  11. Formosa Boulevard

    Formosa Boulevard

    Expat Otis has stolen money from the mob. Danny has run out of his wedding and left his country behind. On this fateful night in Taiwan, their paths will cross and the consequences will change both t...

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  12. An Island named Desire

    An Island named Desire

    In this offbeat Greek island comedy siblings Poppy and Georgos have hit it rich in Australia and return to Kythera together, but with completely separate visions of what happens next.

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  13. Coffee & Pie

    Coffee & Pie

    An anti-romantic comedy and offbeat love story. Revenge is a dish best served with pie.

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  14. Terry'sa Saga - LIVE á Ólavsøku 2014

    Terry'sa Saga - LIVE á Ólavsøku 2014

    60 minuttir av føroyskum samleika og ein reyð nøs! Terry eltir, snarar, tyggir og sniffar Føroyingasøgu í hesum lívsjáttandi flennifesti har eingin sýning var eins og hvør løta óforútsigilig.

  15. Falsches Spiel

    Falsches Spiel

    In Lützelsau steht die 800-Jahr-Feier vor der Tür. Um den Auftritt auf dem Jubiläumsfest zu retten, beschließt Frank, die Dorfkapelle mit unkonventionellen Mitteln auf Vordermann zu bringen.

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    The unofficial Viking B-side, 'Gracias El Gato'. Featuring salt crusaders Chris James, Jase Finlay, Thom Robinson, James Cakes, Elliot Morales Santana and James Cayley in bodyboarding's first ever Spa...

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  17. Human People

    Human People

    When Ethan's life seems void of meaning, he decides to volunteer to feel better about himself. Over the course of one day, his life is turned upside down when he gets way more than he expected in thi...

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  18. Unspoiled by Feminism

    Unspoiled by Feminism

    Frustrated by dating, Nathan thinks he's found the perfect answer in Sonia, a Czech girl he's met online, who claims she's "unspoiled by feminism." Starring Michela Carattini & Leigh Scully.

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