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  1. Romantic Warriors II - About RIO

    Romantic Warriors II - About RIO

    The second feature length documentary explores the origins of the Rock in Opposition (RIO) movement in the late 70s, and how it continues to influence contemporary bands throughout the world.

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  2. Totally Free

    Totally Free

    Experience total freedom on eight wheels in San Francisco, a city where anything goes.



    An island where all our questions are finally answered. Un court voyage sur une île où toutes les questions trouvent leur réponse.

  4. The Man In The Booth

    The Man In The Booth

    Man In The Booth shares a brief snapshot of the memories of Motion Picture Film projectionists and what it was like being replaced by computers and digital cinema. This is the story of Motion Pic...

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  5. Hitch Hike

    Hitch Hike

    A hitchhiking teenager determined to meet his birth mother finds solace in the strangest of places.

  6. Brady


    A wheelchair bound boy watches his as his mother falls in love with the high school volunteer at the pool where the son does aquatic therapy.

  7. Là où je suis

    Là où je suis

  8. Project Skyborn

    Project Skyborn

    A man finds himself on a mysterious planet trapped in a game of death.

  9. Made to be Seen

    Made to be Seen

    2 years of spectacular travelling in a 5 minute timelapse film :)

  10. The Moo Man

    The Moo Man

    The moving story of a UK dairy farmer and his relationship with his cows, especially leading lady Ida.

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  11. Muirhouse - The Most Haunted House

    Muirhouse - The Most Haunted House

    Enter the most haunted house!

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  12. Malaise


    Malaise is a non-narrative short film and photographic series exploring Beelitz-Heilstätten. Built from 1898 as a sanatorium to care for victims of tuberculosis its intended use soon became distorted,...

  13. Endless Perspectives

    Endless Perspectives

    Does traveled to several cities to paint canvasses incorporated into murals. His journeys were documented by cameraman Stephan Polman who accompanied Does during his travels to each of these cities. ...

  14. #51


    Experimental Interpretation Of Art

  15. Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon

    Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon

    "Rungs in a Ladder" is the latest short form documentary by production team McFarland and Pecci. A meditation on life, art, and purpose, the film centers around Jacob Bannon, an accomplished visual ar...