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  1. A Wish For Giants

    A Wish For Giants

    Sophie meets a kindred spirit in Roxie, a young girl with an inoperable brain tumor and the impossible wish to meet Bigfoot.

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  2. ShAFF Online Monthly #2 - ULTRA RUN

    ShAFF Online Monthly #2 - ULTRA RUN

    This month's session is ULTRA RUN, a unique curation bringing together three of the very best new long distance running films - 47 COPA | Forty Seven Summits, Breaking Ten and Running The Roof.

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  3. Decoy Street

    Decoy Street

    Cube is the prolific and chimeric nom de plume of one Adam Keith, formidable tape experimentalist and artist/abraser currently operating in Oakland, California's vibrant subterranea.

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  4. Across her body

    Across her body

    A fading religious tradition on a little know Greek island. An annual coming together of four female bodies; the woman, the Virgin, the Monastery, the island.

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  5. Fred and Marco Part 4

    Fred and Marco Part 4

    Wherein it explodes.

  6. Fred and Marco Part 3

    Fred and Marco Part 3

    Fred visits the community center, Andrew returns, and Marco gets the call.

  7. Fred and Marco Part 2

    Fred and Marco Part 2

    The journey continues.

  8. Στο σώμα της

    Στο σώμα της

    Μία θρησκευτική παράδοση που οδεύει προς τη λήθη. Ένας ετήσιος διάλογος με τον χρόνο ανάμεσα σε τέσσερα σώματα γένους θηλυκού .

  9. Lucy Sings: So Anyway...

    Lucy Sings: So Anyway...


  10. Welcome to Nain / Bienvenue à Nain

    Welcome to Nain / Bienvenue à Nain

    In March 2019, Estski realized a backcountry skiing expedition in Nunatsiavut, an Inuit-owned autonomous territory of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada).

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  11. InstaBroke


    A few days in the life of a social media influencer.

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  12. Every Step

    Every Step

    In July 2020 professional ultra-runner Carla Molinaro set herself the challenge of breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest run from Land’s End to John O’Groats – the length of the UK.

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  13. In My Mind

    In My Mind

    Experimental horror.

  14. Sem Filtro

    Sem Filtro

    Dois casais e duas realidades.

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    A history on religion and dogmas.

  16. Golden Trumpet

    Golden Trumpet

    Alex life and the life of the people around him in this first chapter narrative about fluids of death. Happiness in murdering who we are.

  17. Complexed


    Alex is going nuts.

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  18. O criatura do Tinhoso

    O criatura do Tinhoso

    filme de longa metragem de alexandre alonso