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  1. Ciclos 2

    Ciclos 2

    A story of the search of a world record. Paragliders and hang-gliders come to the Brazilian northeastern Drylands every year during the best season in order to make the longest glide in the world.

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  2. I-VIEW


    Annapurna, one of Himalaya’s most dangerous summits, an avalanche sweeps down on three alpinists during Christmas of 1997. Two of them disappear for ever.

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  3. Benham's Haunted Hospital

    Benham's Haunted Hospital

    What or who is haunting the old hospital?

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  4. The Hembree House

    The Hembree House

    Can the team identify the Ghost Girl?

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  5. The Coming of Cindy Claus

    The Coming of Cindy Claus

    Catholic Dictator Sinterklaas takes a turn for the feminine, Yule will never be the same

    $4.00 Rent
  6. BlazeAid: Spreading Like Wildfire

    BlazeAid: Spreading Like Wildfire

    An inspiring tribute to the incredible team of volunteers leading the fire recovery effort following one the most devastating fire seasons in Australia's history.

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  7. Thanksgivings Blessings

    Thanksgivings Blessings

    Nancy offers everyone Thanksgivings Blessings and a happy thanksgiving with this encouraging video. Food for thought and a reminder to give thanks to the one who created all things in the heavens and...

  8. Bees


    Bees in Trees

  9. The Spirit Of Flatness

    The Spirit Of Flatness

    A documentary film about traveling through the country of Finland, snowboarding and figuring out how to practice this sport in such difficult (flat) geographical conditions, practically without any m...

  10. Pôle Espoir

    Pôle Espoir

    "Pôle Espoir" reveals the extraordinary daily life of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 on the way to becoming the flagship of French surfing and bodyboarding.

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  11. Ruth and the  kinsman-redeemer

    Ruth and the kinsman-redeemer

    Ruth and the kinsman-redeemer, , Nancy reads the book of Ruth, gives illustrations that focus on the story line and summarizes the main topic being the kinsman-redeemer.

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  12. La Traversée Bigood

    La Traversée Bigood

    Récit de la traversée de l'océan Atlantique à la rame du Dr Jérôme Bahuon des îles Canaries à la Martinique en 60 jours pour sensibiliser au don de moelle osseuse.

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  13. Ski Legends

    Ski Legends

    Over two ski seasons (2018 and 2109), Director Lois Neu travelled to several ski resorts in the Northwestern United States and Southwestern British Columbia, Canada in search of Alpine skiers over th...

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  14. Of the Sea

    Of the Sea

    Of the Sea is a female-driven surf film that follows a mother and her entrepreneurial efforts to raise awareness of the world’s plastic consumption.

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    A "rapper" professor in a private school turns things upside down but results happen

  16. LPDM


    Tom enters a hospital, asks to see his father but visits are forbidden for this prisoner. A policeman stands in front of the bedroom door, Tom has to find a way to get in ...

  17. Io resto a Casa

    Io resto a Casa

    A movie made entirely on the web, through the stories of five YouTubers and dozens of videos and photographs made all over Italy and shared throughout the social network.

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  18. Tea Party - experimental short film

    Tea Party - experimental short film

    While drinking their tea, a couple tries out how they can create harmonious music by destroying the tea service.

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