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  1. Passions


    A confession goes awry as a troubled woman enters a young priest’s private chambers wielding a gun. As she catapults between anger and anguish, her devastating revelation forces the priest to face hi...

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  2. Finess


    ‘Finess’ is a breathtaking art piece which captures the beautiful mouvement of the body while skiing on snow. After showing their eccentric side in ‘Far Out’, The Bunch wants to show some finesse in ...

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  3. The Recruitment

    The Recruitment

    Seven skiers find themselves on a self destructive path, only to be stopped in their tracks by a man on a mission in this fictional ski thriller. Let the Recruiting begin.

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  4. Out of Sight II

    Out of Sight II

    Just a stone’s throw from Paris lies Fontainebleau, containing thousands of boulders scattered over hundreds of areas which has become one of the busiest and most well known climbing destinations on ...

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  5. Watershed


    Watershed is a three part story of how water connects us all and builds communities, and offers a glimpse into why these groups of people are drawn to the water.

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  6. Passion Presentations - PT & JT - A

    Passion Presentations - PT & JT - A

    Passion Presentations - PT & JT - A

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  7. Cafe


    Art of the 21st Century

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  8. la prophetie

    la prophetie

    emond company

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  9. Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge

    Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge

    Experience a 300 mile journey into the depths of a historic civilization. What started as a typical adventure race production has developed into a testament of one of the last truly unspoiled corners...

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  10. Food Patriots

    Food Patriots

    This film shows how one family tries to shift away from fast, processed food-like substances and toward more fresh, local and organic choices. Their many questions set the course for a journey of dis...

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  11. Halloween


    Art of the 21st Century

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  12. Red Dot on the Ocean

    Red Dot on the Ocean

    Once labeled a “youth-at-risk,” 30-year old Matt Rutherford risked it all in an attempt to become the first person to sail alone, nonstop around North and South America.

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  13. The Adventures of Willem de Ridder

    The Adventures of Willem de Ridder

    A voyage through the adventurous life of Willem de Ridder

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  14. Deep Dive

    Deep Dive

    Follow our deep diving adventures as we venture into the unknown

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  15. Where is Hope: The Art of Murder

    Where is Hope: The Art of Murder

    Police Brutality Against People With Disabilities nationwide is explored in this documentary

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  16. Dead Anyway

    Dead Anyway

    Edward must choose between his life as an unemployed teacher separated from his wife and a new life with an exotic dancer and millions of dollars.

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  17. Mosaic 2

    Mosaic 2

    Art of the 21st Century

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  18. Pure Nude Yoga - Anaya Kay Beach Yoga

    Pure Nude Yoga - Anaya Kay Beach Yoga

    "Pure Nude Yoga – Anaya Kay" features the young blonde yogini Anaya as she gracefully moves through a series of nude yoga asanas on a nude beach, while calming instructions educate and inspire throug...

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