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  1. Afghans to the top

    Afghans to the top

    The story of the first Afghan ascent of Mount Noshaq, the highest peak in Afghanistan (7.492 meters). A climb in a country at war is more than just an expedition...

  2. The Enemy

    The Enemy

    Romeo and Juliet are alive. For eighteen years and nine months, less a day, the star-crossed lovers lived in exile. Now their hiding place is known, and the epic warring families are out for blood.

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  3. Haywire


    Two friends tell a gripping story of risk, success, and terrifying failure, in the rarely-seen alpine wilderness on Baffin Island

  4. Song From the Forest

    Song From the Forest

    Louis Sarno spends 25 years recording over 1,000 hours Bayaka music. When he returns to the United States with his pygmy son, he realizes he is not part of the globalized world anymore.

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  5. Beauty Art Documentary

    Beauty Art Documentary

    Abstraction in the 21st century

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  6. Stealth with a Fly

    Stealth with a Fly

    ‘Stealth with a Fly’ is for the fly fisherman seeking insight into converting angling opportunity into greater angling success.

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  7. Shifting Ice + Changing Tides

    Shifting Ice + Changing Tides

    In March of 2014 six women set sail from Iceland, sailing across the Denmark Straight and up the west coast of Greenland. They hoped to explore, ski, and collect scientific data along the way. This i...

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  8. The Rhino Game

    The Rhino Game

    The film shows the "behind the scenes" of conservation. Portraying a realistic picture of the life of an anti-poacher, and of the challenges they face.

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  9. Women of Rock

    Women of Rock

    Women of Rock is a short documentary about a group of women rock climbers who get together every week to enjoy the outdoors together.

  10. Tales for the Campfire 2

    Tales for the Campfire 2

    The horror stories told around the campfire are just the beginning!

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  11. ELSA2017



  12. Transcendence Art Documentary

    Transcendence Art Documentary

    Abstraction in the 21st century

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  13. Purity Art Documentary

    Purity Art Documentary

    Abstraction in the 21st century

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  14. Ancient, A short film

    Ancient, A short film

    Art by John WR Emmett

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  15. At What Price

    At What Price

    Professional climbing photographer John Price explores the myth of 'the perfect life' that's so pervasive in social media. This film ponders how to strike the balance as an artist between self promot...

  16. The Z Virus Epis 5: Zombies On The Right

    The Z Virus Epis 5: Zombies On The Right

    With zombies now attaching the house the injured stranger informs them that more are on the way. The group comes up with a plan to defend themselves in hopes of staying alive!

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  17. The Receding Floodwaters

    The Receding Floodwaters

    Explore compelling geologic evidence for the Worldwide Flood presented by Michael J. Oard

  18. Thirst Movie

    Thirst Movie

    1985, Texas, two teenagers John and Danny are best friends until a new girl in school Hope, chooses Danny. They as well as other American prisoners escape the camp and but are further complicated by ...