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  1. Now (Agora)

    Now (Agora)

    A poetic story about a climber and his obsession to reach the top of the "Pedra da Divisa", one of the hardest peaks of Brazil.

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  2. Ancient, A short film

    Ancient, A short film

    Art by John WR Emmett

    $2.99 Rent


    Casa de pariuri literare (CDPL) este o editură neobișnuită. Trei tineri pasionați de literatură vor să promoveze literatura altfel.

    $3.50 Rent
  4. HempenRoad: Cascadia Journey

    HempenRoad: Cascadia Journey

    A mixed-media documentary journey into the world of industrial hemp and medical cannabis in Cascadia, North America in 1996-1997 featuring activists, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

  5. Aici Nora iuga

    Aici Nora iuga

    București – Berlin. Literatură și viață. Poezie-proză-traduceri. Nora Iuga. Scriitor român. Poate „cel mai tânăr scriitor român din toate timpurile”.

    $6.00 Rent


    Some things make me happy. Murder is one of them.

    $1.00 Rent
  7. NICK


    Margret is a police officer in a small town where nothing ever happens. Her life is perfectly monotonous, and she is happy attending to the trivial problems of the sparse population. But her happi...

    $3.00 Rent
  8. Old Time Mandolin

    Old Time Mandolin

    Whats this?

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  9. Vezo


    A 9-year-old girl tells a tale about how her family and village came back from near starvation after their fishing village adopted sustainable fishing practices.

  10. The Masterchef

    The Masterchef

    Akhil, a young shoeshine boy, dreams of becoming a gourmet chef when he has a chance encounter with India's most popular TV cuisiner.

  11. Kombit


    Haiti's internally displaced people start a micro-garden movement to combat post-earthquake hunger and despair.

  12. Am I Going Too Fast

    Am I Going Too Fast

    A digital tapestry of the intersecting worlds and interactions of craftspeople, shopkeepers, and ordinary folks.

  13. After My Garden Grows

    After My Garden Grows

    A young girl in rural India tills a small plot of land to feed her family and plant seeds of independence and financial freedom in her male dominated community.

  14. SAUDADE (immigrés, au-delà des quotas)

    SAUDADE (immigrés, au-delà des quotas)

    Ce documentaire dresse le portrait, sous la forme d’interviews, de 4 personnes émigrées de différents pays

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  15. The Never Melting Story

    The Never Melting Story

    Two men that had never met before, decided to undertake a contemplative skiing adventure together in the country that never melts in Canada's Arctic.

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  16. Darkness of Despair

    Darkness of Despair

    A depressed house wife struggling to make peace between her second husband and her daughter faces an old acquaintance who threatens to reveal a secret.

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  17. Kythera mon Amour

    Kythera mon Amour

    A multi-genre island comedy-drama which explores the motivation to emigrate – both in the past and the present – from the paradise which is Kythera.

    $3.00 Rent
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