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  1. Beauty Art Documentary

    Beauty Art Documentary

    Abstraction in the 21st century

  2. Incognito Lounge

    Incognito Lounge

    Brandon is an alien living on Earth, who has had a bad day. As a way to unwind, he visits the Incognito Lounge. There, Brandon reveals his biggest problems to an alien bartender named Al.

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  3. Ocean Therapy

    Ocean Therapy

    Ocean Therapy is the story of a unknown hero, Bruno, surfer, skipper bound for living on the ocean, navigating and discovery.

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  4. Menino Visível

    Menino Visível

    Um Menino leva sua vida como uma criança comum, jogando bola, brincando e estudando, mas tem ligação direta com o tráfico de drogas em seu bairro.

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    The World’s Best Bouldering in Rocklands, South Africa

  6. Sickle Cell Disease Part II

    Sickle Cell Disease Part II

    Sickle Cell Disease

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  7. Beef Trout Director's Cut 2016

    Beef Trout Director's Cut 2016

    Does the film reflect reality? Or is reality the product of the film? When does a daily chat turn into a game? And a game into a real encounter?

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  8. Tasuma The Fighter

    Tasuma The Fighter

    After buying his village a mill on credit, an African elder goes head to head with the government, which continually delays his long-awaited military pension.

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  9. SKY - The Making Of Mohave Skies

    SKY - The Making Of Mohave Skies

    Awarding-wining writer Edward Man and Producer Tony Shepherd, are set to develop a sci-fi drama that challenges the idea of humans not beeing the center of life. Sky is a docu-series that highlights ...

  10. FM Youth

    FM Youth

    Trois amis fêtent ensemble pour une dernière fois dans leur quartier francophone à Winnipeg, Canada. // Three friends party together one last time in their francophone neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Cana...

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  11. Zombies...run!


    A deadly outbreak has been reported. Everyone runs for there own lives. Jaden and his family has nowhere to go. They fight for there survival in a world where zombies is everywhere.

  12. The Z Virus Episode 4: About Last Night

    The Z Virus Episode 4: About Last Night

    After the previous nights incident no one feels safe and the trust factor is at a all time low in the house. Just when things begin to calm down a stranger brings even more chaos.

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  13. More Strange Than True

    More Strange Than True

    After beheading her husband, Queen Titiana takes over the mystical woods where lost souls and ghouls wander about confused in this surrealist film inspired by William Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night...

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  14. Beulah


    An unsupported cycle trip to explore the Cape Wrath track at the most north-westerly part of Scotland. Expect fully loaded bikes and a steady flow of single malt…

  15. 15th Annual Miss Haiti Pageant 2009

    15th Annual Miss Haiti Pageant 2009

    It has been a fascinating and unparalleled journey. For 15 years because of the Miss Haiti pageant many young Haitian women got intimately connected to their Haitian roots.

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  16. Purity Art Documentary

    Purity Art Documentary

    Abstraction in the 21st century

  17. Silk City Falls

    Silk City Falls

    An information extractor hired by a mysterious drug cartel meets a young girl who will change his heart...but not his ways.

  18. Crayons and Paper

    Crayons and Paper

    Years of war and genocide. Hundreds of crayons. And one pediatrician who made a difference.

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