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  1. Maisha Solutions

    Maisha Solutions

    "every door has its own key"

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  2. ĐEEP WATER - Psicobloc in Vietnam

    ĐEEP WATER - Psicobloc in Vietnam

    “Deep Water” is a captivating exploration of fear, mentorship, and deep water soloing in panoramic Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with psicobloc pioneer Tim Emmett and competition climber Kyra Condie.



    Cover Workout




  5. Maafa Legacy

    Maafa Legacy

    "Truth lives forever"

  6. Maisha Choices

    Maisha Choices

    "When fear enters, Truth escapes"

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  7. The Hitchhiker

    The Hitchhiker

    Who is this strange man and why can no one else see him?

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  8. Pilgrims Progress part 2

    Pilgrims Progress part 2

    The Late Great Pilgrim's Progress, Christiana's Journey.

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  9. Abstract


    Art of the 21st Century

  10. Maafa Truth: 2007

    Maafa Truth: 2007

    With the British government promoting an inaccurate revisionist version of the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act many are determined to ensure that Truth prevails in 2007.

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  11. Jack & Yaya

    Jack & Yaya


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  12. euro last

    euro last


  13. video ART [OLDO] collection

    video ART [OLDO] collection

    Watch the latest Experimental Films and Moving Images by ARTOLDO featuring the film directors Sara Ferro and Chris Weil

  14. Il Mistero della Spada

    Il Mistero della Spada

    Pellegrinaggio interiore lungo i sette santuari dedicati all'Arcangelo Michele. Popoli, persone, luoghi che toccati dalla Spada si uniscono per creare armonia e accompagnare il pensiero verso la visi...

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  15. Barista Gibberish

    Barista Gibberish

    A gibberish speaking man meets a Barista who understands him and a women who will help him prove that you can not judge a book by it's cover or is's language.

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  16. See the Light

    See the Light

    A young man perceives a light of hope through the darkness of his existence.

  17. La terra e il vento

    La terra e il vento

    Venticinque anni e un sogno: viaggiare per il mondo. Così l'alpinista Leonardo abbandona gli studi per partire alla volta del Nepal. Ma il destino dell'eredità del padre lo condurrà invece tra le col...

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