Featured Staff Picks
  1. Climbing Blind

    Climbing Blind

    The multi-award-winning documentary covering the incredible story of the first blind lead of the Old Man of Hoy.

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  2. Set in Stone

    Set in Stone

    The 2005 production from adventure filmmakers Alastair Lee and David Halsted. The film charts the routes of arguably the world's greatest traditional climber - Dave Birkett.

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  3. Blocheads


    An all action cinematic spectacular, reveling in the UK’s golden age of bouldering.

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  4. Grit Flick

    Grit Flick

    This superb collection of short films features the highlights from one of the best gritstone seasons ever(!), watch the big grades and the climbers tumble. Filmed and produced by award-winning filmma...

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  5. Psyche


    PSYCHE incorporating the best of British climbing featuring Steve McClure, Andy Kirkpatrick, Ian Parnell and Dave Birkett. Produced by multi-award winning filmmaker Alastair Lee.

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  6. Wainwrights Record Attempt

    Wainwrights Record Attempt

    The unassuming Steve Birkinshaw is one of the great fell runners and fittest men ever to exist. Have your mind and arteries blown as Steve attempts to break Joss Naylor's 27 year old record by linkin...

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  7. On Sight - REMASTERED

    On Sight - REMASTERED

    A gripping adventure into the world of cutting edge rock and ice climbing documenting what is possible with a ground up, no pre-practice approach resulting in raw, compelling and often frightening fo...

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  8. Stone Free

    Stone Free

    Stone Free - Julian Lines is the best climber you've never heard of. He is undoubtedly Britain's most accomplished free climbing soloist with world-class free ascents to his name. This deeply persona...

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  9. Autana - REMASTERED

    Autana - REMASTERED

    Adventure climber Leo Houlding (UK) and fellow climbers Sean Leary (USA) and Jason Pickles (Salford) head deep into the Amazon in an attempt to make the first ascent of the east face of the remote te...

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  10. The Last Great Climb

    The Last Great Climb

    This feature follows top adventure climber Leo Houlding with his tried and tested team as they attempt to make the first ascent of the NE ridge of 'the master piece of the range'; the majestic Ulveta...

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  11. Vahine I Te Moana "Girl In The Sea"

    Vahine I Te Moana "Girl In The Sea"

    Vahine I Te Moana follows Tahitian professional windsurfer Mathilde Zampieri, the youngest female competitor in the world of windsurfing.

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  12. Bonington Mountaineer

    Bonington Mountaineer

    An 80 minute documentary film on the life of one of the worlds most famous mountaineer -Chris Bonington. From his early rock climbing days to first ascents in the Alps and expedition to Everest...

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  13. Go Fast. Go North.

    Go Fast. Go North.

    750 miles. No motors. No support teams. First boat to finish wins $10,000, second wins some steak knives. This isn't your typical yacht race - It's America's Cup for Dirtbags.

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  14. Beyond - An African Surf Documentary

    Beyond - An African Surf Documentary

    Beyond - An African Surf Documentary follows locals along the coast of Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia into their homes, visits their home surf spots and takes a look into the...

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  15. Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk

    Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk

    3 Tuk Tuk, 3 Teams, 11 travelers, 18 days of travel, more than 2500 km across southern Ethiopia to be the first in the history to reach the Omo river on three wheelers.

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  16. HempenRoad: Cascadia Journey

    HempenRoad: Cascadia Journey

    A mixed-media documentary journey into the world of industrial hemp and medical cannabis in Cascadia, North America in 1996-1997 featuring activists, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

  17. Choose Your Wave

    Choose Your Wave

    Basic idea of the movie is to present a few incredible stories of Czechs who have moved abroad so they can live their lives with a surfboard. The document shows the immense complexity and beauty of ...

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  18. the smalls: forever is a long time

    the smalls: forever is a long time

    After mysteriously saying Goodbye Forever at the peak of their success 13 years ago, the smalls tour once more --- closing the loop as bandmates, estranged friends, and with their long-adoring fans.

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