David J. Sperling



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Greensboro, NC, USA
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Inspired by…

  • Struggle, real life, babies, strength, perseverance, the mirror, a great film, book or piece of music, the truth, and beauty...

Favorite Genres

  • It's hard to narrow what I like, down to a genre or two. Films that move me regardless of the genre are considered my favorites.

Favorite Films

  • Rocky, Bigger Stronger Faster (documentary), The Rover, Raising Arizona, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Crash, Fight Club, The Shawshank Redemption, Seven, Manhunter, Drive, American Beauty, Dumb & Dumber, Slingblade, The Road, Into the Wild, Starman, Napoleon Dynamite, Buffalo 66, Falling Down, Planes Trains & Automobiles, Up in the Air, The Weatherman, More (animated short), The Way of the Gun, No Country for Old Men, The Truman Show, The Breakfast Club, The Beaver, Gummo, Lord of War...