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New York, NY
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David Field's work inhabits a world bathed in chiaroscuro and clouded in mystery. This world is born in the pages of his sketchbooks. He maintains his painterly approach throughout production, while depicting haunting subjects in a dramatic light.

Field began his professional life as a photographer, commissioned by global brands such as Pioneer Electronics, Tanqueray Gin, Bacardi, 42 Below Vodka, and Pathé Films. His photographs were exhibited in prestigious venues such as the Guggenheim Museum and still frequent awards publications like Communication Arts. In 2010, he was recognized by Hasselblad as the "Hassy-NYC" photographer of the year and was awarded their flagship camera system, valued at over twenty thousand dollars. His passion for visual storytelling has since budded into a narrative filmmaking career, which utilizes the entire spectrum of his fine arts background.

Field has served as guest lecturer for the Savannah College of Art and Design, The School of Visual Arts, The Borough of Manhattan Community College, The Rochester Institute of Technology, and the John S. Davidson Fine Arts School.

Inspired by…

  • Field's cinematic vision stems from his passion for music. Some of his favorite composers include Dmitri Shostakovich, Krzystof Penderecki, George Crumb, Jonny Greenwood, and Alexandre Desplat.
  • Filmmaking influences include David Cronenberg, Darren Arronofsky, Terrence Malick, Jaques Tourneur, and Alfred Hitchcock
  • Literary inspirations include John Steinbeck and Franz Kafka.

Favorite Genres

  • Psychological Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Traditional and Neo noir.

Favorite Films

  • The Night of the Hunter, Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion, Videodrome, Black Swan, Alien 1-3, John Carpenter's The Thing, High Plains Drifter, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Tree of Life.