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    GIR: Gutten i Røyken

    by Daniel Hovdahl


    GIR: Gutten i Røyken ep.1

    Uploaded Dec 6, 2012
    The first episode of the series. In this episode, we see a two week complete re-build, before the biggest event on the calendar in 2012. Gatebil July, at Rudskogen, an event that attracts 50,000 spectators for a 3-day long festival on and off the track. Two weeks prior to the event at a competition, Kenneth totalled his car. It was a mad-dash to the finish to complete a new car, so he could drive at Gatebil.

    Thanks to Henrik Oulie for documenting the build process inbetween wrenching and Neffi for additional shots at the event!

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    GIR: Gutten i Røyken

    In the series Gutten i Røyken, or for short: GIR, which roughly translates into "The Boy in the Smoke", we follow Kenneth Groth, through ups and downs as he ventures through his Drifting career.
    25 Documentary 20 minutes Released Dec 6, 2012

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