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Santa Monica, CA
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Coral Climb is a film production house located in California and Italy specializing in documentary filmmaking.
Led by a world champion rock climber, the Company is uniquely able to capture footage other teams film production houses simply can’t. Coral Climb produces documentaries, from concept to post- production; the Company also offers its filmmaking services on a contract basis to studios, businesses, and advertising firms that lack the skills necessary to capture striking alpine footage or reach locations accessible only through challenging climbs. Boasting a management team that counts National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, and RAI among its freelance and contract clients, Coral Climb offers both conventional Virtual Reality and stereoscopic 3D footage, allowing clients and viewers to experience truly remarkable footage, transporting the audience to places inaccessible to most.

Favorite Genres

  • Documentary, Commercial Action Sports, Virtual Reality, Outdoor and Travel cinematography.