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San Diego, California
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Born on the eastern shores of Hawai‘i, Cliff has dedicated most of his life towards discovering innovative means of environmental stewardship while also remaining deeply rooted in tradition. Scheduled to obtain a chemistry PhD from the University of California San Diego in Summer 2017, his academic career is uniquely complemented with his athletic commitment to the sea. While contributing several peer-reviewed publications to the fields of molecular biosciences and chemistry, he has also produced a handful award-winning films that discuss under-represented topics in indigenous activism, ocean conservation, global food security and virtual reality. Fortunate to be featured on the pages of local and international surf periodicals, he has also worked alongside top organizations such as Polynesian Voyaging Society, National Geographic, BBC, NOVA, The Waitt Foundation, Surfer Magazine, Red Camera, Freesurf Magazine, Surfline, The Inertia, Korduroy TV, Pacific Network TV, Oiwi TV, Na Kama Kai, Intertribal Youth, Save the Waves foundation and more to share with global audiences the power of education.