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Nicholas Kinsey is a Canadian of English origin (dual citizenship), born in Ontario and raised in England. With a scientific background (B.Sc. Physics from Yale University, Masters degree in Chemistry from Université du Québec/INRS-EAU) and a capacity to write that he inherited from his mother, a short story writer, he began working in the film industry as a cameraman. His director credits include: Tree Line (2012), Killing Ruth - the Snuff Dialogues (2011), Leatha Acidents (2011), Short Change (1989) and Women Without Wings (2002).

As a writer Kinsey has published four novels Playing Rudolf Hess, An Absolute Secret, Shipwrecked Lives and Remembrance Man. He has written some 20 feature and television drama screenplays and worked as script-editor on numerous dramatic productions. Recent feature scripts include the boxing biopic The Spinks Brothers- Boxing Legends, the comedy Loonie Crossing, Cadets: The Tragedy at Valcartier and the civil war story Johnny Reb in Montreal.

Kinsey wrote, directed and produced the TV pilot of an immigrant family drama entitled Cottage in America (3 x 60 minutes) for Superchannel in 2013. He was producer, director of photography and editor on Lakefront, The Backup Man and Dead Anyway. He has directed and photographed some 500 films and videos over a long career including his award-winning documentary Martin Frobisher and the Baffin Fraud that won a Gold Remi at the Houston Worldfest 2005 and The Hudson Mutiny. Kinsey is owner and producer at Cinegrafica Films ( since 2014.

A prolific and multi-talented film director and producer, Kinsey has been a successful novelist, director of photography, scriptwriter, and film editor over a long career. Although committed to drama, he still loves the documentary form and its challenges.

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