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    Kart Kids - feat. Curtis

    by Christopher Kippenberger


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    Support Kart Kids - feat. Curtis

    This teaser is visual prototyping for a larger piece I would like to shoot, with your help. Last summer I had the pleasure of working with a very special boy named Curtis. One of his hobbies is kart racing, a very fast and dangerous sport. Aside from the vigor and talent that Curtis no doubt displays, one of the things that struck me about him was his courage. This courage persisted from younger years, when he would ride on a baby seat in the back of his dad’s GTI, to more recent years, where he’s now giving most youngsters and adults a run for their money on the track. I am attempting to raise funds in order to complete an extended piece on Curtis and his racing endeavors in form of a 15 min web based mini doc to start production in early 2013 shot on location outside of Berlin, Germany. Thanks!

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    Kart Kids - feat. Curtis

    Meet Curtis, a 10-year-old on a mission to become the world's fastest kid driver.

    Curtis is not an ordinary kid. At the ripe young age of 10, he's already in pursuit of his dream of being a Formula One driver. Fortunately for Curtis, he's found a way to chase his need for speed and adrenaline on the back roads of Germany: kart racing. This competitive sport is only open to the most daring speed demons. It's highly dangerous at any level. The slightest wrong turn or misstep can send a driver flying off the tracks. But when it comes to pursuing his dreams, there's nothing that will hold Curtis back. He's never been one to let his age stand in his way. Does Curtis have what it takes to become a champion? In Kart Kids, we go on a typical day in the life of Curtis, his training, his downtime, his friends, and most importantly his ultimate love of driving. The story will culminate in the Kids Kart Racing Global Championship 2013. Kart Kids is an intimate portrait of one kid's constant journey for Formula One stardom, a road that many will attempt, but few will cross the finish line.
    14 Sports 3 minutes Released Oct 27, 2012

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