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My Journey Begins

‘Canguro’ was the nickname given to my grandfather Harry by the Italian people in the 70s. It translates to Kangaroo, a fitting title for the world’s top marathon water-skier and professional cyclist.

He lived a life of complete dedication to his sport and his passions, born with an internal desire to be the best in all his ventures, eventually leading to his death in 1987 after crashing in the final stretch of a cycling road race in Perth, Australia.

His most significant achievement was when he waterskied from Tangiers in North Africa via the coasts of Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia arriving in Cervia on the east coast of Italy. A distance of 5,010 kilometres, taking 10 days 5 hours and 36 minutes to complete, covering an average of 482km per day.

To get to know my grandfather, a man that lived a life beyond expectations and without fear, I will follow in his footsteps and complete the same epic water-skiing feat.

This blog is a diary of my journey, a pilgrimage to the achievements of my inspirational grandfather Harry Luther.

I hope by facing the very same physical trials and personal challenges that somewhere down the coast of Italy I’ll finally have a chance to meet him, and realize some of his amazing personal qualities within myself.

Until that day, I’ll be Chasing Canguro.

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