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New York, NY
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Writer, director, line producer. I've been passionate about storytelling since I was a kid. Wrote and directed the lo-fi sci-fi feature "Found In Time," which went to 26 festivals and won 6 awards, including "Best Sci-Fi Feature" at Shriekfest and Intendence, and "Best Feature" at Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. Author, "Preparing For Takeoff: Preproduction For the Independent Filmmaker." Left-handed.

Inspired by…

  • David Lynch, Tarkovsky, John Carpenter, Jane Campion, Julie Taymor, Lynne Ramsay, Kurosawa, Kubrick, Maya Deren... there are so many filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians, can't really list 'em all.

Favorite Genres

  • All of them.

Favorite Films

  • Whichever one I'm working on. Seriously... too many to list.

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