Case Study

Boosting sales with promo codes on Reelhouse


Attract traffic to new film.

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For France’s National Holiday, adventure filmmaker Seb Montaz created a promo code for two of his films for 50% off.

He advertised the sale on Facebook, posting the code just above our purchase-optimized player, allowing folks to buy and redeem the code directly from their Facebook feed. The filmmaker was able to watch how many codes were being redeemed — live through the Reelhouse metrics dashboard, and expire the promotion after the holiday was over. He saw traffic from the promotion spill over to his other catalogue films that weren’t on promotion, and saw his 3rd highest revenue day ever.

Solutions used

Promo Code Tool

Created a custom code using the Reelhouse Promo Code tool for a 24 hour 50% off sale.

Purchase via Embed Player

Advertised the promotion on social media using our embeddable player for quick and easy redemption.


Managed and analyzed the promotion campaign using Reelhouse Metrics.

Try these useful tips

  1. Affiliate links

    Spread the promotion further by sending out affiliate links. We give you the data you need to manage your own commission payouts.

  2. Include digital downloads

    Print out promo codes and slip them in your DVDs for folks to redeem their free digital download.

  3. Special access screenings

    Send out screening codes to the press & festival curators to build exposure for your film.

Interesting metrics

Promoting and discounting films generated sales for non-promoted films

First promoted film

339% increase in sales

81% increase in visits

Highest sales in 1 year

Second promoted film

926% sales increase

527% increase in visits

Highest sales day ever

Non-promoted film

854% increase in sales

73% increase in visits

Biggest day in 6 months