Case Study

Crowdfunding fulfilment with Reelhouse

Obvious Child


Fulfill a 631 backer Kickstarter project, using enterprise-level DRM, while also selling direct to fans.

A24 and Kickstarter logo

When ‘Obvious Child’ was acquired after Sundance, the filmmakers still had an obligation to reward the original backers who supported the film on Kickstarter. With multiple levels of rewards (2 different films, director commentary, etc.) A24, the distributor, leveraged Reelhouse as a full service solution. After uploading the film, they simply selected which videos would be included in each fulfilment package, added the Kickstarter backer list, and sent the codes out.

Reelhouse’s plug-and-play solution integrates with both Kickstarter and IndieGogo platforms allowing filmmakers, distributors, and studios to very easily reward a films earliest supporters.

A24 Campaign details

Solutions used

Fulfilment Tools

Leveraged Reelhouse’s crowdfunding fulfilment tool to reward 360 backers over 3 different reward tier combinations.

DRM Tools

Activated Reelhouse’s enterprise level DRM encryption on all rewards delivered to mitigate piracy 1 week ahead of the VOD release.

Direct Buy Links

Sold Obvious Child using direct BUY links on A24’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Try these useful tips

  1. Show your gratitude

    Add a customized ‘thank you’ note included in the redemption email to backers.

  2. DRM tools

    Protect your film with enterprise level DRM encryption to mitigate piracy & sharing.

  3. Track interaction

    Track the open and click stats on reward emails in our live metrics dashboard.

  4. Gifting

    Include a gift coupon with your redemption reward allowing backers to spread the love.

  5. Interact with your fans

    Reward backers with a free Reelhouse LIVE screening with embedded chat.

Interesting metrics

87% of backers

redeemed their film within the first week


short film versions redeemed


feature film versions redeemed


DVD + short films redeemed

$37,214 of its $35,000

Kickstarter goal was raised