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Crowdfunding fulfilment with Reelhouse

Film: Obvious Child

Use Reelhouse’s crowdfunding tools to send out free copies of your film to your backers. See how the producers of Obvious Child turned their backers into evangelists for the film in this Sundance-born case study.

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Boosting sales with Discounts on Reelhouse

Film: Petit Bus Rouge, I Believe I Can Fly, One Step Beyond

Control pricing, promotions and sales with Reelhouse’s monetization tools. See how Seb Montaz took to social media to run a promotion that led him to his best sales day ever.

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Affiliate tracking and embeddable players

Film: The Old, The Young, & The Sea

Whether your fans are on Facebook, Twitter, or an online forum - Reelhouse’s purchase optimized player allows you to sell directly from any website on the web. See how this filmmaker gained exposure by sharing this player everywhere.

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